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My number one writing song lately. It speaks to me…


The party’s over–it’s a new day! And I’m assigning HOMEWORK!!

Okay, so I had a great time…no, make that a FABULOUS TIME at my Facebook Party. And I will admit that although the champagne was merely “virtual”, I was pretty buzzed by the end of the event. Was this due to an adrenaline rush thanks to the need for super-speedy typing? Too much sugar in the online-rainbow-cake? Or was my buzz caused by the thrill of recognizing the reality of my “virtual” friends?


I’m not sure which of these had me flying high, but I would like to thank you all for coming!!

I was able to discuss Out of Hiding, as well as to introduce my next release, which is a Young Adult read, The Red Sheet.




What? Speak up? Don’t be shy!! You want a few excerpts…to see what you will be getting yourselves into. DONE!!


Or try this one on for size…

I’m not even slightly ashamed to admit it: I’d been thoroughly enjoying that morning’s walk to school when I heard it—a plea for help, an appeal for attention… a prayer for deliverance.


I’d swear to this on a tall stack of bibles, not that Mom and I owned even a single one (or a Torah, or the Koran, or even a pamphlet about horoscopes): each of my five senses snapped to alert attention. It was as if I was being summoned.

“Meow… meow.”

My feet started to move faster, pounding the sidewalk’s pavement purposefully. I responded to my suddenly uncontrollable urge to help the innocent, or so it seemed, by racing toward the biggest maple tree of them all, the legendary Big Ben on the corner of Maple and School Streets. The very monster that Mark Edgars, Gregory Waldorf, and Tina Lee had each attempted to climb in fifth grade and failed, to the tune of two broken arms, a fractured pelvis, and a dislocated shoulder. (Tina had tried and failed on two separate occasions.)

Warning: this next part is all fucked-up.

As I sprinted, my only thoughts were: Delicious egg scramble omelet that I get every single morning before homeroom, despite the fact I already scarfed down two bowls of Froot Loops at home, be damned! Tardy slip to homeroom that adds up to five already this semester, which will require me to serve detention, be damned! First-period calculus quiz that needs to be passed if I want to play preseason basketball, be damned too! This guy has a job to do!

And before my brain had fully engaged (and without even a small remnant of red fabric waving behind me), I was on my way up that tree. Fulfilling my purpose in life. (I told you it was fucked up.)

A champion of the innocent, the helpless, the forsaken descended the enormous maple tree, forearms adorned in bloody scratch marks, a white fur ball of a kitten tucked safely under one armpit. When my feet met with the spongy surface of the grass, and the tiger—I mean, the kitten—had been deposited into the hands of a waiting little old lady, I experienced a sense of completion I had never known was possible. More than twenty-five points, ten rebounds, and six assists kind of satisfaction, even.

“Dammit, kid, I was trying to teach friggin’ Snowball a lesson. If he can get his puny ass up there, he’d better have a plan to get his puny ass down.”


Did you really read it?? DID YOU?? Now, go back and read it…you are going to like it. I promise!!

Would Mia Kerick lie to you? NEVER!!

PLUS, there is going to be a quiz, so…..


Soon I will be back to discuss with you, my innocent victims, or rather, my wonderful followers, the significance of a “red sheet” to Bryan in The Red Sheet.

I know, I know… it is going to be difficult to wait. But you know what they say about all good things!!


Love and appreciate you all!!

Momma Mia


Hi everybody.

Today is a big day for me because it is the day I take a dive. Hopefully a pretty, graceful swan dive and not a face-planting belly flop!!



January 25, 2014 from 3-5 Eastern time is Momma Mia’s BIG UNVEILING!! MY LIVE FACEBOOK EVENT.

Don’t get scared. It is a rated PG 13 event, so I will not be “unveiling” anything that you do not want to see. Momma Mia will stay fully clothed at all times. (that’s a good thing) I promise.

Unlike the lovely pole dancing woman below.


(I could do what she is doing above if I wanted to– just saying.)

But I will be answering questions, playing games, showing my new video, playing music, DISCUSSING MY BOOKS (kind of what we’ll be there for), introducing my new YA book, The Red Sheet -my friend and colleague Cody Kennedy is the writer of the foreword- serving bubbly (and to the youngsters lemonade), and “working the room.” WITH THE MAJOR LEAGUE HELP OF MY ASSISTANT BECKEY WHITE. (a genius and a patient person who puts up with me)



This is about the biggest party I’ve ever held. I hope I bought a big enough cake.


And really, I am not nervous, because the party’s attendees are some of the best people I know- my FACEBOOK FRIENDS- who have shown me so much love and support!! It is totes coolio (Cody taught me that expression and now he is totes sick of hearing me say it) of all of you to attend.




will you be there?



My New Young Adult Release from Harmony Ink Press: The Red Sheet

Pre-order at Dreamspinner Press/Harmony Ink Press:

My brand new surreal life…PARTY CENTRAL?

For a girl who avoids parties in her real life in the way one might avoid a nasty stomach virus, my online life has certainly turned into PARTY CENTRAL. You see, joining Facebook in the name of promoting my books has successfully managed to drag me out of my shell and has motivated me to socialize. And yes, at first I went into social media kicking and screaming, but now it’s… well, it’s kinda fun. Let’s face it: two parties in two blog posts is nothing to sneeze at.

So anyway… here is my awesome invitation created by my even more awesome assistant, Beckey White.


Please excuse my dreamy-faced selfie, but in my photograph’s defense, I DO write romance so I look like this a lot.

Here’s the link to the party:

DATE: Saturday, January 25, 2014


PLACE: Your lap (if you have a laptop), if not, your desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, iPhone etc.

DRESS CODE: Come as you are!! PJ’s, sweatpants, T-shirts, silky negligees, boxers or briefs- very relaxed attire

There will be prizes. These are very valuable…extremely rare and highly sought after. Be prepared for a stampede.


And as Keith Urban would sing, “You (would) look good in my shirt!”


I wouldn’t mind seeing Keith in just my Mia Kerick shirt. Did I ever tell you I touched him? Truth be told, I have touched Keith four times as he walked by me in concerts (aisle seats). My husband touched him too, and I’m a little jealous because he touched the side of Keith’s face and I only got his arm. But we agreed that Keith Urban’s skin is very smooth.


I kinda went off on a Keith Urban tangent, but who can blame me? Back to the launch party.

There will be music to set the romantic mood. But it won’t be inappropriately romantic because young adults are welcome at this party.Image




I did mention I touched Keith Urban, right?

There will be excerpts and hot pictures and YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING.

My policy can be summed up in three letters: TMI


So are ya gonna come by and check me and my party and my books out??


(BTW I only invited cool kids.)


You never know who might show up!!



On a serious note, I appreciate all of the support you give me and all of the fun and laughter we share!!

Hope to see you at my Facebook Launch Event Party Thingy!!



Just call my life PARTY CENTRAL!!!

For a girl who avoids parties in my real life like a nasty stomach virus, my online life has turned into PARTY CENTRAL.

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