never lose your faith in people

Sometimes when we question others, their feelings and motives and actions, our time and effort would really be better spent by turning that reflection in upon ourselves. This may sound like something to which many would respond by shrugging, and saying, “yeah, I knew that already, tell me something new.” But I gained this golden nugget of wisdom through personal experience, and after all, isn’t this kind of thing exactly what a blog is for? To tell others about some understanding in life that  I struggled to acquire, so that maybe they won’t have to  struggle quite so hard to get the very same thing.

man journal

Or maybe, your memory of having read this, will serve to comfort you when you find yourself walking a mile in my shoes.


So here it is: every once in a while, you come upon a person who is exactly who he tells you he is.

Discovering this truth is a beautiful surprise. As it floods your soul with happy wonder, though, it also shakes the ground beneath your feet, because this type of revelation does not come without a price. And the price–the cost to this life-altering discovery–is the obligation to simply take a look in the mirror.


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