MIA’s WORLD!!! upcoming release, current edits, pre-production, and Random Acts

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Just a note today to let you know what is up in Mia Kerick’s world…


BOOK RELEASE MONDAY!! Out of Hiding comes out Monday, January 13, and I am already experiencing the “preliminary” anxiety to baring my soul to the world.

Will the readers like it?

Will the readers be sufficiently patient with learning about Philippe Bergeron’s sensitive and complicated nature to be open to the romance with his niece’s dance choreographer, Dario Pereira, when it gradually unfolds? (However, I will say this: (TEASER) I describe the SEXUAL HEAT between Philippe and Dario in much greater detail than of other couples in my previous novels, as the dominant/submissive component of their sexual relationship is critical to understanding this couple’s connection.)

In Out of Hiding, my intention was to provide the reader with something “more” than romance. I have had the opportunity to experience what few people do: exploring in depth the educational/training aspects of the dance world of New York City. My goal was to share it.

With my seventeen-year-old dancer daughter, I have explored the world’s greatest modern dance education programs.

The Ailey School


The School at Mark Morris Dance Group


The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance


Peridance Capezio Center Certificate Program


I have toured dance colleges in New York City.

The Juilliard School Dance Program.



The Fordham University/Alvin Ailey BFA Program


SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory


Marymount Manhattan Dance


And I’ve accompanied my daughter as she trained in ballet, modern, contemporary, and tap.

The life of a dancer is not easy. It requires discipline, physical strength, dietary control, the ability to take criticism, musicality, tenacity, sensitivity…the list is endless.


And so, in Out of Hiding, I share these experiences, the very nature and dedication of a dancer, with the readers. You, too, can be a part of the dance world!!

With Philippe and Dario, and Philippe’s niece, Sophie, the reader will also tour New York City–the restaurants, the shows, a carriage ride through Central Park. And as Sophie learns, and Dario teaches and performs, and Philippe searches his soul, a love story blossoms.

And I want to know your opinion, do you like the cultural aspects of Out of Hiding or would you prefer that I stick to the romance?? I can handle the truth!!


While waiting for the release of Out of Hiding, I have also been editing and doing preproduction with Dreamspinner Press and Harmony Ink on two upcoming Young Adult novels.


??? the mystery YA novel- to be announced later??? (a very different topic that I am sure I will be worrying about before its release)

AND, folks, that is not all, because I have been writing an adult MM romance novel called Random Acts- you can see a sample of Chapter 2 in the January 2 blog post. Note: There is gray hair in this one. And, yup. Random Acts is VERY ANGSTY. CHECK IT OUT!!!

So things have been crazy in Mia Kerick’s world, because of the above, and of course, there are the all-important tasks raising of four kids, caring for four cats, and making the husband smile- but not through my cooking excellence because…I’ll put it this way: HOT POCKETS RULE at our house.

If you have an urge to wish me luck, I’d love to hear from you!!

STAY WARM, 22 COOLEST BLOG FOLLOWERS and guests who may consider joining our ranks!!!

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