It’s a PARTY!!! Out of Hiding is released!!! Woohooo!!!

Yes, today is the official “Welcome to the World” party for two young men who have become very near and dear to my heart.

Philippe Bergeron:


and Dario Pereira:


As you can see, neither man can keep his hungry, searching hands out of his own hair, but that will change when they finally meet and their needy hands GET BUSY in each other’s very pretty hair. And see that tortured look on Philippe’s face… well, Dario knows how to “turn that frown upside down”, in a manner of speaking.

As their creator, I feel it is my obligation to help them celebrate their big day. Unfortunately, they don’t know many people around here to help them put this shindig together, so I will be in charge of decorations:



and refreshments:



I will also supply a wild crowd.




Yes, it will be Party City. It is possible that Banana Man (above) will be asked to leave before you arrive. He has had a few too many daiquiris. (yes, banana daiquiris)

Did I hear you ask, “Mia, I want to come to this awesome party!! What can I bring??”

Well, please don’t tell him I told you this, but Philippe wondered if you could just arrive at the party having already read his story, Out of Hiding. He hates to have to re-tell the story over and over as he is trying to get to know you.

He is, after all, very shy.Image

So I look forward to seeing you all here!!

Party on, dudes!!!!


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