Hi everybody.

Today is a big day for me because it is the day I take a dive. Hopefully a pretty, graceful swan dive and not a face-planting belly flop!!



January 25, 2014 from 3-5 Eastern time is Momma Mia’s BIG UNVEILING!! MY LIVE FACEBOOK EVENT.

Don’t get scared. It is a rated PG 13 event, so I will not be “unveiling” anything that you do not want to see. Momma Mia will stay fully clothed at all times. (that’s a good thing) I promise.

Unlike the lovely pole dancing woman below.


(I could do what she is doing above if I wanted to– just saying.)

But I will be answering questions, playing games, showing my new video, playing music, DISCUSSING MY BOOKS (kind of what we’ll be there for), introducing my new YA book, The Red Sheet -my friend and colleague Cody Kennedy is the writer of the foreword- serving bubbly (and to the youngsters lemonade), and “working the room.” WITH THE MAJOR LEAGUE HELP OF MY ASSISTANT BECKEY WHITE. (a genius and a patient person who puts up with me)



This is about the biggest party I’ve ever held. I hope I bought a big enough cake.


And really, I am not nervous, because the party’s attendees are some of the best people I know- my FACEBOOK FRIENDS- who have shown me so much love and support!! It is totes coolio (Cody taught me that expression and now he is totes sick of hearing me say it) of all of you to attend.




will you be there?



7 Comments on “TODAY IS THE BIG DAY

  1. you are HYSTERICAL, Mia!!!! this is too much fun…

  2. It is gonna be a belly flop or a swan dive- we’ll see! Thanks for your comment BETA KEVIN!! (I never get comments here!)

  3. Looking forward to this… So excited … AND guess what I enjoy helping you out with what I can and where I can… ((Hugs)) Mia

    Remember I am only an email, chat window, or a phone call away… Keep Calm and lets party on …

  4. Good luck. I’m excited that I get to be there. No need to be nervous, you’ll do great.

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