The party’s over–it’s a new day! And I’m assigning HOMEWORK!!

9 thoughts on “The party’s over–it’s a new day! And I’m assigning HOMEWORK!!”

  1. Hi Leighton and Cody! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!! Everything is cleaned up from the party now, so maybe it is time for another one…

  2. You know I’m down for another party any day 🙂 just give me a little more notice next time so I can arrange to wear something other than sweats 🙂 Plus, we all know I will have the sexiest date at the party haha ❤

  3. Gah!!!! A quiz? Please say there will be no quiz *starts hyperventilating* those are the death of me.
    It was a great party Mia! Can’t wait for another one. Thanks for the sneak peak of The Red Sheet. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. OK, Monika. I’ll let you off the hook for the quiz (it was gonna be multiple choice so it would have been a piece of cake). I’m thinking of having another bash in between my next two novels, both of which are YA. So that should be in March or so… I think it might be a costume party… we’ll see….
    Thanks for the support here, Monika!!

    Mia ❤

  5. *phew fans herself* that’s such a weight off my shoulders. 😉
    Hehe a costume party, I should start thinking what I want to wear just in case.
    You are welcome Mia I’m happy to do it!
    {{{ ❤ }}}

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