Seeing LOVE with new eyes…Can YOU be that open?

7 thoughts on “Seeing LOVE with new eyes…Can YOU be that open?”

  1. Thanks for commenting, Archie’s Voice!! I’m really trying to launch my blog but it isn’t easy. I’ll put you in the “pull out of a hat” contest for the T-shirt, which is very, um, attractive!!

  2. Mia! You are doing a wonderful job of using your voice to change the way love is viewed! I really can’t wait for The Red Sheet, but I am going to get your backlist read eventually! What a wonderful blog post ❤ Very insightful! You are an amazing person!

  3. I can completely understand the view of seeing things in a new way and I think it will be young people who turn it around for the older generation. Even with family the traditional sense is that it is those who are blood related to you that will be closest to you and be there for you, yet my experience has been that friends were there for me in a way blood relatives were unable to be – emotionally. So I truly believe that family and love is about choice and it happens where it happens, with who it is meant to be. I am commenting on this on Monday February 17, which is Family day in Alberta (apparently they decided we needed another stat, I’m certainly not complaining!) and my first thought was to wish my friends and online family a wonderful day! I love the books I have read so far and look forward to The Red Sheet and hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Diane- That was an awesome response! I, too, think that the young will turn it around for all of us- that is part of the reason I write YA. I feel so much hope for this generation that LOVE will simply be LOVE for them!! Happy Family Day!! I will let you know if you win the T-Shirt. I will put the names of those who responded in a Red Sox Cap and will have one of my kids draw a name- how is that for scientific?

  5. Your process sounds completely scientific! LOL! Reading your profile, I would think the next method would be let the cats choose, although, if they were to think the paper was a toy, you might never find out their choice….but they’d have fun while you tried!

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