Seeing LOVE with new eyes…Can YOU be that open?

One of the greatest things about being an author is that I can, through my stories, encourage readers to think about things differently. Maybe even radically differently.


At the most basic, there is this: I write M/M romance. I write YA M/M romance. My goal is to have YA LGBTQ romance mainstreamed into all YA romance, which is certainly a challenge, but quite achievable. You see, I want young adults to think about romance differently. I want them (gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, transgender teens) to see love as love.


Not gay love or lesbian love or het love, but simply love. I dream of the day that a romance is just a romance, without qualifications. That is thinking about romance differently, is it not?


I have written YA and adult novels that encourage readers to think about family in a less traditional way. In fact, most of my novels deal with the concept of a “family by choice.” Brett and Corey, in Beggars and Choosers, come together as family, as they truly have no one else in their corners. In A Package Deal, Tristan and Savannah come to Robby as a “package”; not in the traditional sense of a threesome, as their bond is not sexual. They are bound as a family of choice by shared experiences, total commitment to each other, the building of mutual traditions, and time spent together. One of Out of Hiding’s primary conflicts is the need and willingness  to accept others as your family, even at the risk of your heart.


In my YA novels, the flexible concept of family is also evident. In Intervention, Kai belongs to a strong family unit, and Jamie to a dysfunctional one. Kai’s family extends their love to encapsulate Jamie, and that sense of secure belonging allows Jamie to flourish. Not Broken, Just Bent also deals with the concept of family, as each character must recognize that, although their family units are far from traditional, they work, and are valid. Clearly, my goal is for readers to open their hearts and minds to the concept that simple love and commitment are the basis of familial bonds.


Another issue I hope readers will look at with new eyes is the essence of communication. Sometimes speaking directly just doesn’t work to express your love, hurt, anger, frustration or fear. Through music, dance, and art Kai, Dario, and Jamie are able to express emotions that words just can’t touch. Look at self-expression in a new way!


And finally, I hope to encourage readers to open their hearts to non-traditional ways in which love can function, and function with purity and innocence and beauty. This relates closely to the concept introduced in A Package Deal, the emotionally intimate love shared by three people, and a theme that I will continue to explore in future works. At its basis, is the question, “Who makes the rules for love?” Who is the powerful one who gets to say- ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN equals a LOVE RELATIONSHIP?


I say, there is no all-powerful being who cares to use his/her energy to dictate the exact equation of what comprises love. Why can’t three or four people (or whatever number of people) come together with a sense of fidelity, commitment, romance, and innocence, if it works for them? Why is that considered somehow kinky or perverse? If the love is pure and the participants are satisfied, who is to say that it is wrong? I encourage my readers to see these types of non-tradtional love relationships as potentially perfect.


This is a release week for me. The Red Sheet, that comes out on Thursday, February 20th, asks you to see the concept of a miracle as a possibility. A complete overnight personality change? Can it happen? Are you able to open your heart to see things with new eyes?



7 Comments on “Seeing LOVE with new eyes…Can YOU be that open?

  1. Thanks for commenting, Archie’s Voice!! I’m really trying to launch my blog but it isn’t easy. I’ll put you in the “pull out of a hat” contest for the T-shirt, which is very, um, attractive!!

  2. Mia! You are doing a wonderful job of using your voice to change the way love is viewed! I really can’t wait for The Red Sheet, but I am going to get your backlist read eventually! What a wonderful blog post ❤ Very insightful! You are an amazing person!

  3. Thank you for replying, Leighton. I love hearing what you have to say about my blog post. Thank you! Can’t wait to visit your blog this week!

  4. I can completely understand the view of seeing things in a new way and I think it will be young people who turn it around for the older generation. Even with family the traditional sense is that it is those who are blood related to you that will be closest to you and be there for you, yet my experience has been that friends were there for me in a way blood relatives were unable to be – emotionally. So I truly believe that family and love is about choice and it happens where it happens, with who it is meant to be. I am commenting on this on Monday February 17, which is Family day in Alberta (apparently they decided we needed another stat, I’m certainly not complaining!) and my first thought was to wish my friends and online family a wonderful day! I love the books I have read so far and look forward to The Red Sheet and hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Diane- That was an awesome response! I, too, think that the young will turn it around for all of us- that is part of the reason I write YA. I feel so much hope for this generation that LOVE will simply be LOVE for them!! Happy Family Day!! I will let you know if you win the T-Shirt. I will put the names of those who responded in a Red Sox Cap and will have one of my kids draw a name- how is that for scientific?

  6. Your process sounds completely scientific! LOL! Reading your profile, I would think the next method would be let the cats choose, although, if they were to think the paper was a toy, you might never find out their choice….but they’d have fun while you tried!

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