19 thoughts on “MICHAEL BOWLER IS IN MIA’S GUEST ROOM…IN THE FLESH!!! (And I redecorated!!)”

  1. What a great blog post! I definitely agree. I try not to force my kid into liking or not liking something. When he was younger, he liked to carry his toys around in ine of my old purses because his cousins did and people tried to tell me to stop letting him do that because what if he turns out gay? I said I don’t care who he loves but carrying a bag for his toys isn’t going to turn him gay. Sometimes people irritate me! But anyway, great post for sure!!

  2. Michael, you gave lots to think about. I wonder how much I bully my kids. I need to think. Will definitely get back to you. Thank you for a great post!

  3. Thanks for responding Leighton- Michael’s post points out how societal institutions- even that of family- successfully bullies children into displaying conventional behaviors. I think the first step we need to take is to become aware of the problem–and you must say, Michael is not shy about putting his beliefs out there for us to consider!

  4. Kari-
    In light of Michael’s guest blog post, I, too, will take a serious look at my own potential “bullying” behavior. It is probably a wise thing for all of us to do.

  5. Such an incredibly important post on such a serious subject. Only today I heard a parent tell a small boy that ‘pink toys are for girls’ and when I pointed out that that wasn’t necessarily so I got the most bewildered stare. We’re so indoctrinated we don’t even know we’re doing it.

  6. Thank you, Leighton, especially for your story about the “purse.” That is exactly the kind of thing parents might “bully” their kids about – so happy 🙂 you didn’t and put people in their place who tried to tell you it was wrong.

  7. Appreciate your comment, Kari, and your wish to discuss the issue some more. Would love hearing from you. Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Elin, for your comment and sharing the story about the pink toy. I see and hear these kinds of things every day and it’s beyond frustrating. I have been happy to see more teen boys wearing pink shirts these days – maybe they can break down the walls that adults keep trying to put up. That’s really the intended audience for my books, anyway – the young – so they won’t fall into these same traps later on with their kids. Really appreciate you taking he time to read my post!

  9. Reblogged this on Sir Lance Says and commented:
    Check out my guest post on best-selling author Mia Kerick’s blog about how bullying has become institutionalized in America. You might find it enlightening or it might make you angry. Truth can do both.

  10. Great post Michael and Mia! Having been someone that’s experienced bullying it scares me to see how much of it still goes on. With the internet it makes things so much easier to be a bully, it can all be done anonymously and even though the bullier isn’t in your face it’s just as damaging sometimes even more so. What I see happening on some of the social media sites, one in particular, is very frightening. Bullying happens far to often there and if these adults, and I use that term loosely, are raising children what are they teaching them? It makes it all the more worrisome when they think they are enlightened and supportive of every lifestyle but at the same time think it’s okay to name call and much worse. I’m sure a lot of them have been victims of bullying and using the internet where no one knows you gives them the ‘courage’ to turn the tables. It saddens me.
    I have no idea how we can change things I only know how to be there for those that are bullied as much as I’m able.

  11. Monika-
    It is interesting what you learn about people when you bring up a topic that really hits home to them. It seems that bullying has affected you and that you have very strong feelings about it to this day. I do, too. I believe Michael, also, has incredibly strong convictions when it comes to bullying, and he sees it as a learned behavior, despite the fact that parents and institutions are not aware they are teaching it. I would love to call together everyone, like you, and some of the others who have posted, to sit around a table and discuss this issue. I bet we could make some changes! Until then, we need to read and learn so that we are more aware of ways in which bullying occurs.

  12. So proud to call you my cousin. You are to be more than commended for your efforts against bullying, for any reason.

  13. Thank you, Monika, for your heartfelt response. As Mia said, it sounds like you have had some serious exposure to bullying. And you’re right about the invisibility of the Internet giving people license to bully others viciously under the blanket of anonymity. It’s very disturbing and cyber bullying deserves a whole discourse on its own/ Thanks for commenting.

  14. Mia and Michael, thank you both for your reply to my comment. OMG! I don’t know how to respond I’m rarely at a loss for words. Thank you guys!

  15. Thanks again, Monika for taking the time to read and respond. Share the post with anyone you think could benefit. Take care!

  16. You’re very welcome Michael. It’s an extremely important subject matter to me and l definitely will be sharing it with anyone I think could benefit from it.

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