Beckey Visits Again…

Good Morning, lovely ladies and gents.
Beckey’s, here.

I have stopped by to share with you the cover reveal trailer that I created for Us Three and to announce the winners from the cover reveal post giveaway today… (Fear not no Irish Limericks or Jigs from me today…)
First here is some donuts and coffee… Please pass them around and share.

But please be careful not to make a mess in Momma Mia’s and Mr. Mia’s living room.

(Sorry, against Mia’s requests of me to do this upstairs, I am not going up to the guest room…)
Ok, now that everyone has a beverage and a donut…As well as seated as comfortable as possible…

Mia walks in and sits on the couch. “I think Beckey is afraid to visit my guest room because of the events that may or may not occurred involving green M&Ms.” Mia mumbles and yawns.

Beckey shakes her head…
Last night Mia shared on her Facebook wall the Cover Reveal Trailer I created yesterday.
You missed that well, let me grab my laptop and share it with you.


Neat, huh? I thought so too. The story is centered on character named Casey.

us three sign1
“Casey is the victim of horrific bullying from the Queen Bees of his high school. These three boys from different backgrounds with different personalities join together to overcome the bullying.” Mia adds while yawning again.
Beckey runs off to the kitchen to grab the largest coffee mug she can find to get Mia more coffee.

Large Coffee

There you go Mia hope that helps since you don’t seem to be awake yet…

Now, I bet some of you are chomping on the bit to see who won what on the rafter from my witty blog post on the first of March.

Well with no further delay here are the winners:


I will be contacting the winners later today.
Thank you all for playing along with the puzzle and reading my posts. I promise to be back soon.
Hugs to you all…


2 Comments on “Beckey Visits Again…

  1. Becky, your book trailer is gorgeous. I love the song you chose (the acoustic version is perfect), love the images. I was on my phone so the text scrolled quickly but I paused it to read. I love your work!

  2. Hi Kari, Momma Mia’s number one supporter! I agree that Beckey’s work is fabulous and she has helped me so much in getting the word out on my books. Plus she puts up with me, so overall, I’m incredibly lucky to have her!

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