Us Three has been released….

Morning everyone. It’s Beckey, again, visiting y’all… This time to announce that around midnight, Mia’s eighth book,  Us Three was released.


A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title
In his junior year at a public high school, sweet, bright Casey Minton’s biggest worry isn’t being gay. Keeping from being too badly bullied by his so-called friends, a group of girls called the Queen Bees, is more pressing. Nate De Marco has no friends, his tough home life having taken its toll on his reputation, but he’s determined to get through high school. Zander Zane’s story is different: he’s popular, a jock. Zander knows he’s gay, but fellow students don’t, and he’d like to keep it that way.
No one expects much when these three are grouped together for a class project, yet in the process the boys discover each other’s talents and traits, and a new bond forms. But what if Nate, Zander, and Casey fall in love—each with the other and all three together? Not only gay but also a threesome, for them high school becomes infinitely more complicated and maybe even dangerous. To survive and keep their love alive, they must find their individual strengths and courage and stand together, honest and united. If they can do that, they might prevail against the Queen Bees and a student body frightened into silence—and even against their own crippling fears.

A Few Excerpt Images:

USthree promo

USthree promo2

Here are a few early release reviews:

Sandra says:

I’ll need to collect my thoughts about this book and the message it contains, but while I do that, y’all go buy this, m’kay? And then make sure every high schooler reads this too.

T.M. Smith from TTC Books says:

I just fell in love with this story and with these three guys. It took me a couple chapters to get with the flow of writing as being told from three distinctly different POV with emails, diaries and in real time. But once I figured out how the book was going to read, I was completely engrossed in the story. The storyline was engaging and thought provoking and the three ML were so endearing. While there were a couple rough patches with some deep seeding hate, there was a lot of love in between. This is a must read guys, especially if you’re looking for a story about finding true love in the oddest of places and not only standing up for yourself, but what is right and the the people you love.

Tina says:

Mia Kerick isn’t a new author to me, I’ve read her novel ‘Out of Hiding’ not too long ago but after reading the premise of ‘Us Three’I had my doubts. A Young Adult ménage? How should that work? Frankly I wasn’t too keen on starting this one but my curiosity finally got the best of me and after reading only a few pages I couldn’t put the book down anymore. Point taken! Better trust your instincts, Tina!

Mia Kerick describes the relationship development between these guys just wonderful. All three of them are so cute… and the way they come together and figure themselves out is so beautiful written. Their way through hell together is a real tearjerker, so brace yourself for a bumpy ride to high school hell and back. No graphic sex btw… but lots of touching, intimate scenes. Wonderful done. 🙂

I totally lost myself in this book. It’s sad since one of the loveliest characters is the target of the most vicious bullying I’ve ever read about but I liked how Mia shows us Casey’s struggle with his head and his emotions, how he grows, how he opens up to friendship and love. I loved how amazing Nate and Zander are for Casey even though they have their own personal issues. Casey, Nate and Zander are incredibly sweet and I just loved them so much. I was so hopeful for them in the end and trusted they would be alright.

Overall, Us Three is powerful, moving, thought provoking and flawlessly told, and these boys will now and for always have a special place in my heart. Parents, love your children, cherish them, listen to them! Teachers, give bullying no chance… and add this book to your reading list!


I, Beckey, also had to a chance to read it and it was one I was shocked by what happens in the book and at how well it was written. There was times I wanted to go into the book and dish my own kinda karma to the Queens and the one psychopathic chick in particular (really like how Zander stepped up as well as Nate…) and I wanted hug Casey…

Bullying is real, we can either stand by idly or we can take a stand and make changes… (I always tell my girls, daughters, that bullying happens only because someone is unhappy with themselves, they are jealous and lastly they want attention. It is all just negatives.)

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