We Have Winners…

Hi, y’all it’s Beckey…

I am dropping by to say Thank you to you all that have supported and visited Mia during the Us Three Blog Tour and those who stopped during the Is It Summer, yet? Blog Hop…


I know some are chomping at the perverbal bit to see who are the winners …



The Us Three Blanket goes to Laurie


The two Us Three Tee-Shirt winners are Brin and Shadow


The Mia Kerick Teddy Bear goes to Tracey


The Mia Kerick Coffee Mug goes to Jennifer

Mia Kerick Mug

And the winner of the



The winner of the ebook and the Mia Kerick Towel is Lisa

Towel image

 Congrats to the all winners who have been emailed this morning.


Be on the look out in the coming month on here (and maybe in a Facebook for an upcoming event) that is will have another chance at win some great prizes from Mia. The details are works at the moment.

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