Take Mia On A Vacation/Staycation WINNERS


First and foremost, we would like to thank each and everyone who took part in this giveaway… Mia and I really enjoy seeing where you took her and read her books at …


“It was blast touring the USA with my awesome readers. I got my feet wet in California, hung out poolside in Arizona, went on a road trip to Kansas, played paintball in PA, watched some A’s baseball (you guys have Jon Lester now!!!), had some cuddle time with your adorable pets who drooled on me (ew… but I did enjoy it), visited a library or two, did some rafting, hung out on a few computers, rode on a ferry, ate at Subway, made prank calls from a pay phone, hung at Buttonwillow Rest Area, went to an old-fashioned 4th of July parade, got close to Avenal State Prison, and even ate in some great kitchens and MORE.Thank you, everyone, for taking me along.”

“MY readers are AWESOME!”

Beckey created a short approximately one minute long video, showing a few of the pictures that were shared in the group:

And Now to announce the winners…

Drum Roll, please…

Betsy D won the Grand Prize and a tee (I will let my adorable daughters pick which one…)

(Mia shouts, “WOOHOOO!!”)

Sarina Won a Tee (Mia says, “Uh!! Huh!!!”)

Sabrina won a Kerick Teddy Bear (Mia yells, “Way to go!!!”)

Nikki R has the choice of either receiving another swag bag of goodies like the Rafflecopter stated or One of Mia’s paperback or ebooks. (Mia chimes in, “That’s right!”)


Beckey will be emailing everyone in a few. (Mia adds, “You go girl!!”)


Again Thank you everyone,  we are really appreciative for all you do for Mia and her books.






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