A BUSY MIND– Let me unload some of my stuff on you :)

Days just pass by so quickly. I have so much to do, and to think about doing, and so much to write about, that I wake up and next thing I know, it is time for bed.


I am very proud of my review of And the Children Shall Lead,  Michael Bowler’s fourth book in the Children of the Knight series. Here is my Facebook Post and my official 5 STAR REVIEW:

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“Love is What I See in And The Children Shall Lead”

I am primarily a romance writer. In fact, the tag line on my author’s blog is “Love is what I see.” And of all that I see in Michael Bowler’s Children of the Knight series, the depth of love between the characters is my personal favorite aspect. Profound love—that of friends and brothers and sons and romantic partners—infiltrates this contemporary and mystical adventure series, that I once likened to an action-filled motion picture. And this constant presence of the characters’ selfless devotion to others is why the fourth novel of the series, And the Children Shall Lead, touches me so deeply and will stay with me for years to come.

“I love you so much that when you are with me the world disappears and all I can see is you.” I remember the days of my own youth when loving someone was all encompassing and overwhelmingly powerful. Michael Bowler also knows this depth of youthful love, and he expresses it with the brilliant simplicity of one teenage boy speaking to another—not using dexterity of wit to drive his point home, but rather the guileless candor of youthful declarations (closely followed by a teasing nudge and an off-the-cuff remark, “that’s cuz you’re a dumbass”, which lightens the moment and makes it so very real).

The bonds of love that Bowler creates are selfless and undying, as well as utterly compelling, bursting forth from the restrictive tension of living with a constant presence of danger. Intuitively, Bowler’s teen boy characters know that public ownership of the unconventional love they share, one that defies all labels, is a necessary step in the healthy growth of their relationship. This inner knowledge of each other’s needs leads to what I consider to be the most moving (and yet again somehow humorous, thanks to Bowler’s skillful writing) moment of And the Children Shall Lead, where the teens bravely and publicly express that they are a couple, and that their love is not a choice, but is a calling. Furthermore, they insist they are not “gay”, but are instead two parts of the same boy. Please note that this honest and poignant message society so desperately needs to hear is delivered to the world in a truly unconventional setting, but you will have to see that for yourself.

The depiction of teenagers who experience a fulfilling love relationship that does not involve sexual intimacy, is both heartening and hopeful, and maybe even freeing for many of the teens who read And the Children Shall Lead. In addition, Bowler’s expression that “real boys” can love each other and still, in fact, be “real boys” is one that needs to be relayed. In these ways the romantic love relationship around which the book centers is positive and appropriate for all ages, while still gripping the reader in its intensity. And I will add that despite the lack of physical intimacy, the romance between these boys is one of the most satisfying I, as a reader, have encountered in literature.

In And the Children Shall Lead, the positive love relationships, including bonds of friendship and the devotion of adopted family, are the characters’ fundamental sources of strength by which they mature and grow into their best adult selves. In particular, the love that I see in And the Children Shall Lead provides Lance with the strength to overcome devastating childhood fears, to face a hostile public, to lead a youthful team in the direst of circumstances. The fortification provided by his solid love relationships allows Lance to press on—even when he and the ones he loves most in the world are being threatened by a sinister and unknown evil.

And The Children Shall Lead is as wild a ride as its series predecessors. Included are plenty of action, mystery, adventure, and even some US History, but I tune in most to the romance, because, as I said love is what I see. I highly recommend And the Children Shall Lead to all romance readers, as well as to those who enjoy witnessing the thrill of the chase, human rights activism at work, and skillfully devised, witty slang-packed repartee amid courtly formality.

Best of Luck to my good friend MICHAEL BOWLER on BOOK NUMBER FOUR.

Remember, if you want MOVING YA ROMANCE, LOOK NO FURTHER!!

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You may or may not be aware that I am writing another YA LGBT Contemporary work of fiction.

LOVE SPELL tells the story of a gender nonconforming high school senior with a very strange name and a passion for another boy that drives him to…well, I will let you find out for yourself.

LOVE SPELL is at 33,000 words. I anticipate that it will be a novella, and will ultimately get to 40-45,000 words.

VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE–funny and touching, together.

Love_spell Perfect Love Spell












I’ve been making an effort to accept myself, and in particular, the body I have enjoyed living in for the past fifty years. Here are some women whose full-figured style inspires me, an “it’s better in blue jeans” kind of girl.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.46.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.46.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.46.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.46.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.47.00 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.48.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.48.33 PM



















Guess what?? THE RED SHEET IS ON SALE THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 at ALL Romance Ebooks. $1.99

Yes, I said $1.99–it’s almost like stealing!!

heartfelt thank you









Random Acts

You can pre-order at Dreamspinner Press NOW, or pick it up at Amazon, or B&N, or All Romance Ebooks, or wherever you find your awesome LGBT ROMANCE!!









THANKS as always for your love and support. I am your fan!!

❤  Mia (looking dazed in this one, but as I said I am very busy which sometimes leads to this expression)

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2 Comments on “A BUSY MIND– Let me unload some of my stuff on you :)

  1. I’m sure you can rock blue jeans! ❤
    50 yo's of the world unite (yeah, that's me too) 🙂
    best of luck with your upcoming new release and WIP

  2. Thank you, Lee. I’m sure you rock your denim too!! 🙂 Yay 50 year olds–I’m liking it so far. Thank you- excited for Random Acts!

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