And one more thing, my holiday greeting for my closest buddies….

Happy Holidays to my friends, my readers, my reviewers, all the lurkers- just to everyone!! Enjoy every moment!!

Love from, Mia


Come to My Window. The blurb.

Just in case you missed it… Mia Kerick’s upcoming ❤ YA LESBIAN ROMANCE ❤ January 2015 release is called

Here’s the blurb:

Justine Laraby and Kemina Lopez are intimate acquaintances yet they have never exchanged so much as a single word. For months, high school senior Justine, and famed model, “Kemina, the Baby Vixen” of Nightingale Lingerie, have been peering at each other across a narrow alley between brownstones in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This mutual observation soon turns into the exchange of handwritten messages on signs they hold up whenever they come to their bedroom windows. Via this “sign language,” a friendship grows, and Justine learns that Kemina is, like her, a high school senior, but with a controlling mother and a modeling career that requires her to maintain an unnaturally thin physique. And through the window, she also witnesses her new friend exercising fanatically, hoarding food, and being physically and emotionally abused by her ambitious mother.
Window messages evolve into clandestine meetings and soon a tentative romance blooms. But Justine must come to terms with her own “mommy issues,” as well as accept her gender identity and sexual orientation, before she can provide Kemina with the support she needs to survive a family life that resembles a ruthless business transaction.
Will Justine be strong enough to throw open the window so Kemina can escape society’s suffocating expectations?

I’d LOVE to know your thoughts!!!

Come To My Window -400x600

Mia breaks into YA Lesbian Romance with Come To My Window

I am thrilled to announce that I have broken new ground in my writing. I have written my first YA lesbian romance novel, which is a switch of topics, and I have am also self-publishing this book! I want to see what the experience of self-publishng is really like, and I don’t want to wait months until its release, which often happens with publishers. I will continue to submit to publishers, however, I thought this was worth a shot!!

So here is my gradual unveiling of Come To My Window.

first lesbian opning window

window with come to my window

and here is the book as it will look on Amazon and other buying sites.

Come To My Window -400x600

My awesome self-pub team includes Mel Leach, Reese Dante, and Beckey White!!

So watch for Come To My Window in early January!!

“Always the Bridesmaid,” said with a HUGE GRIN!! Mia Kerick places 2nd, 3rd, and 5th in Rainbow Awards Best YA Gay & Lesbian Book

And I’m happy to be a bridesmaid. What’s not to love about it? Three of my books–seven of my winsome boys–have had a chance to shine as RUNNERS-UP in Elisa Rolle’s wonderful Rainbow Awards!!


❤ Timmy and Ben from Not Broken, Just Bent

❤ Bryan and Scott from The Red Sheet

❤ Casey, Zander, and Nate from Us Three

Yes, all of these guys had bumpy roads to ride, but they made it to their Happily Ever Afters. Or, in Casey, Nate, and Zander’s case, their Happily For Now, because the first sequel to their story, Here Without You, comes out in the winter of 2015.


newspaper style rainbow awards runners up



1. Silent by Sara Alva YAY!!
2. (tie)
a. This Is Not a Love Story by Suki Fleet
b. Not Broken, Just Bent by Mia Kerick
3. (tie)
a. The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick
b. Vivaldi in the Dark by Matthew J. Metzger

4. Freak Camp by Jessica V. Barnett

5. (tie)

a.Us Three by Mia Kerick

b.Omorphi by Cody Kennedy

c.Red Devil by Kyell Gold


Color Of Love Blog Hop

Love Bites and Silk – Color of Love Blog Hop

The Blurb for the hop

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate our love for characters of color in romantic fiction in the Color of Love Blog Hop.

Book Box

The hop is from the 4th through the 8th of December.

Grand prizes:

1st prize $50 Amazon GC + 7 ebooks

2nd prize $25 Amazon GC + 7 ebooks

3rd prize $15 Amazon GC + 7 ebooks

4th prize $10 Amazon GC + 6 ebooks

5th prize $5 Amazon GC + 6 ebooks

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Dario Pereira from the novel Out of Hiding
Most of the drama in Out of Hiding revolves around the struggles of Philippe Bergeron. He is a broken man, a lost soul. A sensitive spirit damaged profoundly by the premature death of his mother that occurred when he was just a boy. He longs to lose himself in the background scenery of life. Whether he is on the vast Atlantic as a fisherman, or under the bright lights of New York City—his goal is to fade into whatever overpowering background that will best shadow him.

It takes a certain man to force Philippe from his life in the shadows, and this man has not had an easy life, himself. Dario Pereira spent his youth in the foster care system, where he was placed in Somerville, Massachusetts, so that he could grow up in a Brazilian American community. The intention was that he would be raised among others like himself. But Dario never fully bonded with the family with whom he was placed simply because he was physically similar. He, like Philippe, somehow, never felt he belonged. But where Philippe’s pain drove him to hide, Dario’s pain encouraged him to excel, to stand out, in particular in the realm of dance.
123 Out of HidingOut of Hiding is the multicultural love story of two men, who happen to be fighting so many inner battles, they do not seem to even take notice of each other’s race or gender. What would be so obvious to a person who’d view them on the street and think, “there’s a gay, mixed race couple” is not even a consideration to Dario and Philippe, as they fall into a deep, soul-searching love, that forces them to face the issues that are truly meaningful in life, such as depression and fear of isolation and the lack of ability to trust.

“Love is What I See” is my tagline, and I think it is very true of Dario and Philippe’s experience in Out of Hiding. Philippe had a family of his own blood, and he could not find himself there. Dario was placed with people of the same ethnicity, and he could not find himself there. Each discovers the fullness of his own humanity in a man who is of remarkably different ethnic and social background from himself, because what they can see in the other is not differences, but their own completion.

More info including buy links and trailer visit:

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Bring in The New… but how about we bring it into my newly organized home?

This year my resolution is to clean things.

Because everything is a mess in my life. Everything.

I'm a mess

And I’m not trying to suggest that my family life is turbulent or we are financially stressed or in poor health. No, I am not talking about that kind of a mess.

I am talking about a messy mess. Yes, plain old-fashioned disarray.

I am a true master of clutter-hiding. If it were a sport, I would be an Olympian. Now, at first glance, my house is relatively neat, considering it is the dwelling place of six people and four cats. But I know the truth. Behind each closet door, inside every blanket box, in all of the kitchen cabinets, true disorder reigns.


So while some parts of Mia stand proud in regard to the apparent tidiness of my home’s main floor, my inner self is burdened with the awareness that my recipe cards are not cards at all, but instead are ripped-out scraps of notebook paper that can be found in one of 18 places, ranging from inside the large royal blue bin beside the kitchen island to beneath the bathroom sink.

It gets worse…



If I had to find a black skirt to wear to a funeral, I would need three weeks’ notice to search for it in my closet. Or in my storage room. Or in a plastic trash bag in the garage. You want to make a soufflé? Good luck finding a whisk. And locating the eggs will be a challenge, too, as the refrigerator is a total disaster.










I will confess, our family no longer sorts the silverware. It’s all right, we make a game of it—we reach in and eat our bowls of cereal with whatever utensil we happen to grab. You should really try it. It’s fun and challenging, too!



So, yes, the drawers, closets, bureaus, cabinets, and really anything in the house that can be opened and closed, need a thorough sorting through. But some other things in my life need a cleaning as well…

My computer. It takes me twenty minutes to find my most recent screen shot. I have literally thousands to look through. And my first rough draft of Beggars in Choosers (written thirteen books ago) is still in my documents.

My car. It is not part of the house, so I’m going to call it a separate challenge. Mom’s Volvo, however, suffers from the same “it can be opened and closed and therefore is used to conceal clutter” syndrome as all storage devices in my house.


My diet. Seriously, I need to stay away from all things processed and do a little more with things that grow in nature.

My language. It’s not that I swear like a rapper in my everyday life, but some of my characters sure as shit, I mean, heck, do. I want my books to be relevant and realistic to teens who read them, and teens swear, but I think I need to tone it down. Some reviews of The Red Sheet actually discussed my liberal use of profanity, and honestly, I just wrote what I thought. So it seems that my brain isn’t squeaky clean either. Maybe I’ll clean up my act in this area just a bit.


124 The Red Sheet


But you know what? Despite the mess we live in, my kids are awesome, my marriage is happy, my books get written, and the cats can find the litter box, although it probably needs to be emptied. Maybe this outward disorganization houses something very streamlined—a family life that actually works, a professional life that ain’t too shabby, and (be prepared for cheesy) a lot of love.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.30.07 PM









I really love my kids, my hubby, my cats… and if I could find my red Sharpie marker in this freakin’ mess I’d write “I LOVE YOU GUYS” on a napkin and hang it on the refrigerator for all to see.