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It’s that time of the year where we celebrate our love for characters of color in romantic fiction in the Color of Love Blog Hop.

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The hop is from the 4th through the 8th of December.

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Dario Pereira from the novel Out of Hiding
Most of the drama in Out of Hiding revolves around the struggles of Philippe Bergeron. He is a broken man, a lost soul. A sensitive spirit damaged profoundly by the premature death of his mother that occurred when he was just a boy. He longs to lose himself in the background scenery of life. Whether he is on the vast Atlantic as a fisherman, or under the bright lights of New York City—his goal is to fade into whatever overpowering background that will best shadow him.

It takes a certain man to force Philippe from his life in the shadows, and this man has not had an easy life, himself. Dario Pereira spent his youth in the foster care system, where he was placed in Somerville, Massachusetts, so that he could grow up in a Brazilian American community. The intention was that he would be raised among others like himself. But Dario never fully bonded with the family with whom he was placed simply because he was physically similar. He, like Philippe, somehow, never felt he belonged. But where Philippe’s pain drove him to hide, Dario’s pain encouraged him to excel, to stand out, in particular in the realm of dance.
123 Out of HidingOut of Hiding is the multicultural love story of two men, who happen to be fighting so many inner battles, they do not seem to even take notice of each other’s race or gender. What would be so obvious to a person who’d view them on the street and think, “there’s a gay, mixed race couple” is not even a consideration to Dario and Philippe, as they fall into a deep, soul-searching love, that forces them to face the issues that are truly meaningful in life, such as depression and fear of isolation and the lack of ability to trust.

“Love is What I See” is my tagline, and I think it is very true of Dario and Philippe’s experience in Out of Hiding. Philippe had a family of his own blood, and he could not find himself there. Dario was placed with people of the same ethnicity, and he could not find himself there. Each discovers the fullness of his own humanity in a man who is of remarkably different ethnic and social background from himself, because what they can see in the other is not differences, but their own completion.

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3 Comments on “Color Of Love Blog Hop

  1. That was the first Mia Kerick book I read. And I’ve been hooked ever since. It is nice to see diversity in the stories.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kari!! I have a few books upcoming in 2015 that will deal more with racial diversity.

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