Cody Kennedy visits Mia’s guest room; if he behaves I will feed him bacon and Diet Coke

21 thoughts on “Cody Kennedy visits Mia’s guest room; if he behaves I will feed him bacon and Diet Coke”

  1. I’m glad Mia fed you, Cody, even though it’s not what I would call a healthy breakfast. I’ve seen pictures of your gorgeous hair and I bet it does get tangly in the morning. And thank goodness for Mel for bird sitting while you you were away! 😊

    Love is an important part of the healing process for victims of abuse and/or trauma. Like you mentioned, often there is mistrust, fear, and avoidance of opening yourself enough to love. You need a strong, persistent partner who is patient and understanding enough to break through the barrier. And I think Declan is that and so much more. Along with love, hope is an important part of the healing process too. I really cannot wait to read this and really get to know Isidore and Declan! Thank you, Mia and Cody!

  2. What a way to start my day, first with chuckles then tears. I’m on tender hooks waiting for my book to arrive so I can meet Isidore in person ❤

  3. Hope and love.
    And immense mountains of DC.
    What a great blog tour stop. Well done, Mia! Great wake up!
    PTS without the D makes so much mor sense. That it is not a disorder, Cody. It’s been labeled as one, and suddenly it is as if all the responsibility is on the victim, somehow, when it should be squarely on the shoulders of the abuser. It’s not a disorder, it is a Direct Result.
    I loved this excerpt.
    And you look lovely with your fluffy hair, Cody.

  4. Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Mia! I wouldn’t make it through the day without this wonderful breakfast. And oh, the hair! It’s just lovely! ❤

  5. Mia I had a good laugh to start my day ! Thank you !! Cody, this new excerpt was just perfect. I know a few persons, including me, that are afraid of crowds. I don’t know (yet !!) the reason of Isidore’s PTS but I sympathize from the bottom of my heart ! Can’t wait the 9th ❤

  6. Hi Kari! I agree with you about love helping people who have experienced trauma to heal. In fact, it is a theme in some of the books I have written, in particular, Intervention and Out of Hiding. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Hi Deeze, I was hoping the reaction would be okay to the fact that my blog posts tend to be humorous in the guest room and Cody’s post was serious and educational. I’m glad you saw both sides in our post.

  8. Hi Anna. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I learned a lot from Cody’s guest post and thought about PTS in a different way.

  9. Ladycmmbookworm- I tend to be an introvert, and while I do not fear crowds, I would much rather avoid them. I am waiting for my copy of SID eagerly, as are you. Thank you for commenting.

  10. This scene it on that had me crying when I read this book. I am less afraid of crowds then I am of being touched. I have do this before hidden in the corner and cried because I was scared to move. Good post Koti and Mia! ❤ love you both.
    ❤ Timmy

  11. A lot of people do not understand that PTS can happen to anyone. The only associate it with the military. I enjoyed the post very much. Laughter, tears, and education. Good thing you know what Cody likes to eat for breakfast. you are so good to your house guests Mia. Can’t wait until the book is released since I preordered it.

  12. Timmy ❤ you too I am so glad you came to my humble blog to post and that you weren't mad at me for making Cody eat cupcakes when all he wanted was Diet Coke!!! Cody did write an excellent post and I am honored to have it on my blog!!

  13. Denise- I try very hard to be a gracious hostess, but at times I get a little bit bossy. (not in real life, though) I agree that it is good to have some fun but not to lose sight of the important message about PTS that Cody put forth.

  14. Imma coming to visit! I wanna stay in THAT ROOM! WOOHOO! And Man Candy for breakfast! I can’t wait!

    What a GREAT POST! I loved every word! I have to get the book (can’t believe I don’t have it yet…siiiiggghhhh).

    Peace ❤

  15. This was one of the most amazing posts that I have ever read! Hmmmm! Make that THE MOST AMAZING POST I HAVE EVER READ!
    I love each excerpt that let’s us get to know Declan, Isidore and how they connect with each other. Thank you so much!

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