Cody Kennedy visits Mia’s guest room; if he behaves I will feed him bacon and Diet Coke

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.53.08 AM

Standing in hall outside the guest bedroom door holding heavy tray.

“I hope Cody likes what I did with my guest room. Can you say rainbow-glitter-cute animals?”

Shrugs and then pushes tray against door.

“I’m going to wake him up. Ask me if I care that he “needs his beauty sleep, so PLEASE, sweet Mia, for the love of glitter, let me sleep in.” Cody Kennedy is my guest and will do as I please!”

Knocks on door delicately. Shrugs, and then bangs on door enthusiastically.

“Morning has broken, sweetheart! And Momma Mia don’t wait for nobody!!”

Pushes through door, tray of food and drinks in hand.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.01.36 AM

“Rise and shine, lovely Cody! Wake up and smell the Diet Coke!!! I certainly hope the glittery-reindeer in the corner didn’t scare you last night! He looks rather intimidating when the lights are off, I will admit. But you must admit, the Christmas lights added a certain decadent mood last night.”


(A photo from last night before Cody went to sleep.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.32.17 AM

Glances at rainbow reindeer and shakes head.

“Now, before you try to protest, which I warn you will be futile, I will point out that I stuck by our little agreement. You requested Diet Coke for breakfast, and I have honored that request.”



Places tray on bedside table.

diet coke cupcake

“Feast your eyes on my super-special Diet Coke Cupcake and wash it down with a Dirty Diet Coke. Hope you like coconut…”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.58.14 PM

Lump on bed moves a bit exposing Cody’s puffy sleep-deprived eyes and a HUMONGOUS wild tangle of blond hair.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.13.33 PM

“Um…you’ll sit up and eat the cupcake if you know what’s good for you. And if you behave, sweet Cody, I’ll let you indulge in my created-especially-for-you recipe, a Bacon A La Diet Coke Do-nut.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.00.16 AM

“Don’t look at me that way, Mr. Kennedy!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.27.17 PM

Cody tries to escape by climbing the Christmas lights. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.32.30 AM

“Come back here! No bacon for you!!! Now calm down and eat your cupcakes!!!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.43.08 PM

Clears throat.

“So Cody, who is bird-sitting for your precious Kiz, Cleo, and Schnapps?”

Cody scribbles on notepad with glossy black glitter pen.

“Aunty Mel!! Of course!! I call her Saint Mel behind her back. Don’t tell her, okay?”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.38.05 AM

“And yes, I’d simply LOVE to see their pictures.”

the real schnapps kiz cleo

“Yes, yes… they are darling! Schnapps has lovely eyes.”

Cody puts the pictures on the bedside table.

“You like the Diet Coke cupcakes—I can tell by your expression. You go ahead and eat and I will introduce your book. Now don’t be shy—dive right into those chocolate delights!!”


“What a gorgeous cover to this Wednesday’s release Slaying Isidore’s Dragons. Reese Dante is incredibly talented.”

 Cody scribbles on the pad.

“NO! I’m not jealous. Well…. maybe I’m just a tad envious.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.30.16 PM

“Now I’ll read the blurb to our wonderful audience. And, Cody, please try not to burp again. I know Diet Coke makes you gassy, but it is rude and will disturb the flow of my reading.”

Cody blushes a flamingo pink.

SlayingIsidoresDragons-  Book Tour- ReleaseDate Image

“And FYI Cody’s phenomenal book that is already on Amazon hot new releases lists.”

Cody takes a long sip of the Dirty Diet Coke and makes a peculiar face.

“Your hair, dear…. I’m sorry but it is distracting me! It is certainly distracting the audience, as well. Does it always look this…. um, disobedient… in the morning?”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.11.55 PM

“Talk about MAJOR BEDHEAD!! The poor reindeer was probably scared of YOU! Well, let Momma Mia slide beside you on the bed….”

 Uses hip to push Cody to other side of the bed.

“Now face that glittery wall and don’t move a muscle until I tell you to.”

 Grabs brush and goes to work.

“You all saw the BEFORE pictures. Here is the AFTER. I do have a way with hair.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.10.13 AM

“Well, you must admit this is quite an improvement.”

Cody scribbles on note pad.

“You feel pretty? Well, you look amazing, too! You can thank moi later… signed copy of SID-hint hint.”

Passes Cody a hot pink napkin.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.21.23 PM

“Here, take this napkin. You got a little bit of chocolate on your face. Wipe it off, please!!”

(Sighs mumbling something about Diet Coke cupcake crumbs.)

“They’re in your teeth too. Just saying. Since you are going to be occupied with cleaning your face, how about I get started on reading your guest post aloud?”

Cody nods, scrubbing face with pink napkin. 

Takes seat on reindeer’s back.

“HERE’s CODY’S GUEST POST!!!!!! And we need to settle down, as it is of a serious and important nature.”

Thanks for having me on your blog, Mia! It’s great to be here! I’m here with a light post about romance. Honest!Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.29.23 AM

Romance and PTS—The Chaos in Isidore’s Mind v. The Warm Dark

I write young adult romance! I do! My new book, Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, is about hope, triumph, and the healing power of love.

Isidore has suffered incredibly at the hands of his abusive family and one of the many things victims suffer is post-traumatic stress. I leave the word “disorder” off the end of the stress because it isn’t a disorder. It’s a condition engendered by an inciting event or events.See the The Mayo Clinic’s definition of post-traumatic stress and see general information below in fine print.

Anyone can suffer post-traumatic stress anytime and, contrary to popular belief, it is not related to the “level” or “depth” of seriousness or horror of the inciting incident. Something that would traumatize me terribly may not affect you at all, and vice versa, and it’s important not to try to compare inciting events or behavior when traumatized. Matty and Brad over at 2BoysinLove write wonderful posts about post-traumatic stress and I encourage you to read them. In the upcoming months, I’ll write more about post-traumatic stress and will link to specific articles written by Matty and Brad.

PTSD not all wounds are visibleSo what does romance have to do with post-traumatic stress? A lot. In fact, above all things, love is the single most important element in working through post-traumatic stress and the healing power of love is immeasurable. In Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, we meet Isidore during a time of trauma. As part of his symptoms of traumatic stress, he has built a defense mechanism in his mind to escape to when things become too difficult for him. This place is warm, dark, and quiet. It’s a place that he can escape not only the events he endures, but also the resultant chaos in his own mind when he faces triggering issues and events. From the beginning of the book, Isidore escapes to his “warm dark” and it’s only by the healing power of Declan’s love, that he begins to make the conscious choice to go to Declan when he’s beginning to fall apart rather than the “warm dark.”

In the excerpt below, Declan and Isidore are at an art fair and Isidore gets lost in the crowd.

“I would like a baguette with cheese.”

“Did you see a place where we could get that?” Declan asked.

“Back there.”

“Okay, come on.” Declan did an about-face in the crowd and shouldered his way down the boardwalk. When he turned to make sure Isidore was behind him, he was nowhere to be seen. He pushed back through the crowd and couldn’t find him. This was exactly the kind of crowd that frightened Isidore. Damn it! His anxiety rising, Declan tried to remember what Isidore was wearing. It was the green T-shirt that matched his eyes. Looking for the green as he went, he began calling Isidore’s name as he made his way through the crowd. Isidore was so small he was afraid he’d never find him. Outright alarm filled him, and he began to shout Isidore’s name.

ISIDORE STOOD stock-still in the crowd. Declan had moved too fast, and he hadn’t kept up. He never should have let go of Declan’s hand. Now he was lost and had no idea how to find Declan. People bumped and pushed him, stepped on his toes, and smells assaulted him, causing nausea to rise in his gut. Sauerkraut, sweet cotton candy, sickly aftershave, bitter ketchup, syrupy cinnamon buns, tangy mustard, cloying perfume, and body odor—body odor as he had smelled in hospital. Images spun in his mind’s eye and colors blurred as the noise of the crowd thundered in his ears.

Find Declan!

Colliding with bodies as if he were riding in a bumper car, he fought to make his way out of the crowd before he vomited. He made it to a nearby trash can and gripped the rim with both hands as he fought to steady his mind. He was lost, and he had no idea how to find Declan.

Declan Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.29.36 AMwill find me. He will not leave me here.

Would Declan find him? Declan wouldn’t leave him here, would he? Doubt filled him, and his mind started to slide. He was lost and alone, and Declan might never find him again. Tears began to fall as he squatted and tried to make himself small as he sought the warm dark of his mind.

RETURNING TO where they had been separated, Declan saw Isidore crouched by a trashcan, his head in his hands. Declan ran, pushing others out of the way, rude remarks painting the air in his wake.

“Isidore, oh God, come here, come here.” He lifted Isidore to his feet and hugged him.

“Declan,” Isidore sobbed against his chest.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Declan cupped Isidore’s face with both hands and covered him in kisses as Isidore clung to him. “I’m sorry. I should never have let go of your hand. Oh God, I’m sorry. Are you all right?”

Isidore nodded in Declan’s hands. “I am okay. I was afraid you would not find me.”

“Oh no, mo chroí. I will always find you.”

That’s what romance has to do with post-traumatic stress. Love is one of the few genuine healing aids for anyone who has suffered trauma. I hope you enjoy Isidore’s healing journey in Slaying Isidore’s Dragons.


“What an amazing post. I never thought much of the merging of romance and post traumatic stress, and I can see it is important that we all are aware of this. And the excerpt is touching. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!”

Stands up and moves to center of the room.

“Now friends, it is time to take care of a bit of important business. Please do not space out. I need your undivided attention.”

About Slaying Isidore’s Dragons

5 Best friends
4 Vicious brothers
3 STD tests
2 Guys in love
1 Car bombing
Nowhere to run

Follow the burgeoning love of two teens during the worst year of their lives. Irish-born Declan David de Quirke II is the son of two ambassadors, one Irish and one American. He is ‘out’ to his parents but to no one else. French-born Jean Isidore de Sauveterre is also the son of two ambassadors, one Catalan and one Parisian. His four half brothers have been told to cure him of his homosexuality. Both teens have lost a parent in a London car bombing.

5 Weeks of hell
4 Attempts on their lives
3 Law enforcement agencies
2 Dead high school seniors
1 Jealous friend
A love that won’t be denied

Declan and Isidore meet at the beginning of their senior year at a private academy in the United States. Declan is immediately smitten with Isidore and becomes his knight in shining armor. Isidore wants to keep what is left of his sanity and needs Declan’s love to do it. One is beaten, one is drugged, one is nearly raped, one has been raped. They are harassed by professors and police, and have fights at school, but none of it compares to running for their lives. When the headmaster’s popular son attempts suicide and someone tries to assassinate Declan’s mother, they are thrown headlong into chaos, betrayal, conspiracy, allegations of sexual coercion, even murder. And one of them carries a secret that may get them killed.

5 New family members
4 BFF’s
3 Countries
2 Extraordinary Psychologists
1 Courageous Mother

A new beginning for two young men in love

Now available in print and ebook at Dreamspinner/Harmony Ink Press
Amazon   Barnes & Noble   OmniLit/ARe
Ingram Books for Libraries and Schools

About Cody Kennedy

Raised on the mean streets and back lots of Hollywood by a Yoda-look-alike grandfather, Cody doesn’t conform, doesn’t fit in, is epic awkward, and lives to perfect a deep-seated oppositional defiance disorder. In a constant state of fascination with the trivial, Cody contemplates such weighty questions as If time and space are curved, then where do all the straight people come from? When not writing, Cody can be found taming waves on western shores, pondering the nutritional value of sunsets, appreciating the much maligned dandelion, unhooking guide ropes from stanchions, and marveling at all things ordinary.

Stop by Cody’s Blog with questions or comments, or simply share what’s on your mind.  Find Cody on Facebook, Twitter @CodyKAuthor, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Ello, Goodreads, & read Cody’s free serial story, Fairy

“I would like to thank all of my readers for sharing this wonderful morning with Cody and me. And, of course, I’d like to thank Cody for visiting.”

Cody again writes a message and holds it up for all to see.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.38.26 PM

“Now Cody, might I suggest you go brush some of that chocolate out of your teeth….”

Cody gets out of bed and heads for the bathroom.

“Psst….Psst… Dear audience, please leave comments for my guest here. He lives for your kind words and I am sure that he will respond. Maybe you shouldn’t mention the chocolate on his face… Cody can be very sensitive about things like that.”

thank you for visiting


Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Intrusive symptoms: (which were not present before the trauma):  (1) Persistent re-experiencing of the event(s) in images, thoughts, recollections, daydreams, nightmares, and/or night terrors; (2) Extreme psychological distress (which may be accompanied by physiological reactivity) in the presence of the perpetrator or symbolic reminders of the perpetrator (e.g., uncontrollable shaking).

Arousal symptoms: (which were not present before the trauma): (1) Hyper vigilance (which may be the result of not feeling safe in the world) (2) Sleep disturbances (insomnia) (3) Persistent feelings of rage at the perpetrator (4) Restlessness (5) Difficulty concentrating (6) Weight loss

Relational symptoms: (1) Not feeling safe in the world (2) Mistrust and fear of intimate relationships (or a particular type of intimate relationship) (3) Disruption in the victim’s social support network, isolation

Source: The Neurotypical Site

21 Comments on “Cody Kennedy visits Mia’s guest room; if he behaves I will feed him bacon and Diet Coke

  1. I’m glad Mia fed you, Cody, even though it’s not what I would call a healthy breakfast. I’ve seen pictures of your gorgeous hair and I bet it does get tangly in the morning. And thank goodness for Mel for bird sitting while you you were away! 😊

    Love is an important part of the healing process for victims of abuse and/or trauma. Like you mentioned, often there is mistrust, fear, and avoidance of opening yourself enough to love. You need a strong, persistent partner who is patient and understanding enough to break through the barrier. And I think Declan is that and so much more. Along with love, hope is an important part of the healing process too. I really cannot wait to read this and really get to know Isidore and Declan! Thank you, Mia and Cody!

  2. What a way to start my day, first with chuckles then tears. I’m on tender hooks waiting for my book to arrive so I can meet Isidore in person ❤

  3. Hope and love.
    And immense mountains of DC.
    What a great blog tour stop. Well done, Mia! Great wake up!
    PTS without the D makes so much mor sense. That it is not a disorder, Cody. It’s been labeled as one, and suddenly it is as if all the responsibility is on the victim, somehow, when it should be squarely on the shoulders of the abuser. It’s not a disorder, it is a Direct Result.
    I loved this excerpt.
    And you look lovely with your fluffy hair, Cody.

  4. Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Mia! I wouldn’t make it through the day without this wonderful breakfast. And oh, the hair! It’s just lovely! ❤

  5. Mia I had a good laugh to start my day ! Thank you !! Cody, this new excerpt was just perfect. I know a few persons, including me, that are afraid of crowds. I don’t know (yet !!) the reason of Isidore’s PTS but I sympathize from the bottom of my heart ! Can’t wait the 9th ❤

  6. Hi Kari! I agree with you about love helping people who have experienced trauma to heal. In fact, it is a theme in some of the books I have written, in particular, Intervention and Out of Hiding. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Hi Deeze, I was hoping the reaction would be okay to the fact that my blog posts tend to be humorous in the guest room and Cody’s post was serious and educational. I’m glad you saw both sides in our post.

  8. Hi Anna. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I learned a lot from Cody’s guest post and thought about PTS in a different way.

  9. Ladycmmbookworm- I tend to be an introvert, and while I do not fear crowds, I would much rather avoid them. I am waiting for my copy of SID eagerly, as are you. Thank you for commenting.

  10. This scene it on that had me crying when I read this book. I am less afraid of crowds then I am of being touched. I have do this before hidden in the corner and cried because I was scared to move. Good post Koti and Mia! ❤ love you both.
    ❤ Timmy

  11. Sigh… not safe to type on a phone. *this scene IS ONE…..

  12. A lot of people do not understand that PTS can happen to anyone. The only associate it with the military. I enjoyed the post very much. Laughter, tears, and education. Good thing you know what Cody likes to eat for breakfast. you are so good to your house guests Mia. Can’t wait until the book is released since I preordered it.

  13. Timmy ❤ you too I am so glad you came to my humble blog to post and that you weren't mad at me for making Cody eat cupcakes when all he wanted was Diet Coke!!! Cody did write an excellent post and I am honored to have it on my blog!!

  14. Denise- I try very hard to be a gracious hostess, but at times I get a little bit bossy. (not in real life, though) I agree that it is good to have some fun but not to lose sight of the important message about PTS that Cody put forth.

  15. Imma coming to visit! I wanna stay in THAT ROOM! WOOHOO! And Man Candy for breakfast! I can’t wait!

    What a GREAT POST! I loved every word! I have to get the book (can’t believe I don’t have it yet…siiiiggghhhh).

    Peace ❤

  16. This was one of the most amazing posts that I have ever read! Hmmmm! Make that THE MOST AMAZING POST I HAVE EVER READ!
    I love each excerpt that let’s us get to know Declan, Isidore and how they connect with each other. Thank you so much!

  17. Hi Jay!! Your comments always make me smile- you are welcome in my guest bedroom anytime!!

  18. ReeDee- thank you for stopping by and commenting. I think what you said here will mean a lot to Cody.

  19. Wow. Extremely powerful excerpt. The whole blog post is amazing. Thank you, Mia and Cody!

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