Online magazines and blogs offer us LOTS of advice.

In Love Spell, which releases June 1st– YES, TOMORROW–the main character, Chance César, learns that we shouldn’t accept all of the advice so freely handed out online as if it was the Biblical truth.


So, I was surfing the net, shopping for online relationship advice—not for myself personally, it was all in the name of research, I promise—and I came across an article that I was compelled to bookmark. You know how you do this every now and then—find something life-changingly amazing online and tuck it safely aside in favorites to study at a later date? Which you may or may not return to… well, ever. And I found a good one. (I mean, this how-to-make-him-love-you article is a sparkling little gem.) And I thought, since Chance César plans his strategy of how to win the heart of the boy he is crushing on around the wisdom he learns from a ficticious online article, I would share parts of this REAL online article with you today.

Brace yourselves.

The article is called “Twelve romantic things to do for your sweetie online” (http://makesweet.com/advice/online/) and I will share with you the highpoints.


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.13.57 AM

I’m okay with tip number one “make an online comic strip” starring you and your partner, but “customize a LOL-cat” with the suggestion below seemed a tad creepy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.14.03 AM

Can you say stalker?

Tip number three “show some signs of love” suggests that you shout your feelings about the one you love so loudly that the entire world can hear. Or, in this case, see. As in, read. Because the article suggests you somehow program electronic highway signs with a message of your devotion. That can’t be safe. Or legal.

blog post 3

The next little tip isn’t innocent in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it made all of those little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It says, “send a ransom note” and, conveniently, there is an online ransom note generator that makes this possibility quite achievable. Wisely, the writer of the online blog suggests you do not actually kidnap the one you desire or any of his most treasured possessions.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.14.18 AM

Yes, this is rather disturbing.

Skip down a few items and you will come to a little tip that I think might scream, “I’m desperate!” (but that’s just one lady’s opinion.) It suggests that you make a power-point dedicated to the awesomeness of the one you love.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.14.25 AM

I just don’t feel good about the message this sends. I mean, are there really enough hours in the day to set aside time to develop a project like this for a frivolous reason like making somebody near and dear to your heart say, “Awwwwwe”? Are there? Maybe… maybe not. I will respect your opinion, but puh-lease…..

This next one I like. In fact, I like it a lot. “Do some photo manipulation.”


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.21.56 AM

This next little tip is over the top and could get you arrested. “Send unusual email, and lots of it” to the one who owns your heart. I just don’t know about this.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.14.40 AM

Doesn’t compulsively emailing someone, especially anonymously, constitute some type of harassment? If it doesn’t, it should.

And the last one I will mention is just plain confusing. Combined with seriously annoying. Emily, Chance’s BFF in Love Spell, would call it conoying. And she’d be right. “Rename your mate.” Huh? My simple paraphrasing can’t do this explanation justice so here it is:

“Every day for a week, change the nickname you use for your beloved. The lists online seem rather boring, so here is our own effort: Chuckle-cheeks. Goose-bumps. Pookie-snooks. Poptart. Jiggles McJiggypants. Twinkle-toes. Nuzzle-nose. Snugglepuss. Dumble-dear. Fishbreath…”

You can get some excellent suggestions from online articles with regard to how to conduct yourself in the romance department. But Chance and I would strongly suggest that you consider very carefully the source and the advice, itself, before acting on it.

You can take that to the bank, Fishbreath.

Do you have any examples of BAD ONLINE or IN-A-MAGAZINE LOVE ADVICE?? I’d love to hear them!!


DEMI MADE ME A SHADOW BOX to celebrate the release of LOVE SPELL on June 1st!!


My nineteen-year-old daughter Demi is a dancer who cannot dance as she just had surgery on her ankle. So she has jumped into the art world to express her creativity. Demi made me this AWESOME SHADOW BOX celebrating the book that she read and loved, LOVE SPELL, that will release June 1st from CoolDudes/YoungDudes Publishing.


photo 1-14

Here’s a more distant view of THE AWESOMESAUCE LOVE SPELL SHADOW BOX from above!!

photo 2-13

Let’s look at the tiny details!!! Notice the label from the Cheez-It box… cracker tranquilizers, yeah.

And the candle… a must-have for any respectable love spell.

Didn’t Chance get called an ugly orange-haired troll in Love Spell? (I think the troll-as well as Chance-is totes adorbs!)

I see black eyeliner– can you say Captain Jack Sparrow? Hehehe. Where’s the Cherry Chapstick, huh?

Is that a joker card? Are you calling Chance a joker, Demi?

And is that the key to Jazz’s heart?

photo 2-12

Let’s look a little bit closer, shall we?

There are some pumpkins… quite significant.

And the setting… I see corn from the Beans and Greens cornfield….a vast one (by New England Standards)

And is that a bottle of “signature scent”?

And do you see a little bit of sparkly love potion in a tiny bottle?

Of course there is a high-heeled shoe!! (Reminiscent of scene one- think smexy strutting.)

And the dice (die in singular, right?) is representative of “Take a Chance”

photo 4-6

Are those brilliantly colored male peacock feathers I spy? Bottom left and right!! Maybe Chance will knock you over with one!

photo 1-15

I bet if you look even more closely you will see more details that are pertinent to the story Love Spell.

Thank you to my daughter for creating a LOVE SPELL SHADOW BOX that is to die for!!! Woot!!

Love Spell by Mia Kerick


CoolDudes Publishing– releasing June 1

Available for pre-order on Amazon!!

Mia ❤

Very happy with my Kirkus Review for Love Spell!!

A Kirkus Review is….

In Slate Magazine (online) Kirkus is labeled as one of four book reviews that matter.

“Kirkuk is all reviews, no gossip.”

On the Kirkus review site itself, it says…

“Since 1933, Kirkus has been one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery. When Kirkus was started by Virginia Kirkus (1893-1980), it was an innovation in the publishing field. Virginia arranged to receive advance galley proofs of books from publishers — only 20 or so at first, but eventually nearly every firm of any size in the industry. She read the galleys and wrote brief, critical evaluations of their literary merit and probable popular appeal. Initially, the reviews were sent only to subscribing bookshops in the form of a bimonthly bulletin. Bookstore managers were thus given an informed and unbiased opinion on which to base their orders and promotions. Two years later, the service was also made available to libraries. Now, 80 years later, Kirkus Reviews is distributed to more than 5,000 industry influencers, including bookstore buyers, librarians, publishers, agents, film executives and foreign publishers.” from the Kirkus Review website

On Blurb Stories, it says…

“Many authors turn to professional reviewing services like Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus is a big player in the book world—they’ve been in business since 1933. In exchange for a fee, Kirkus has a professional reviewer read the book and supply an unbiased review of 250–350 words. Reviews can be kept private or published to the Kirkus website and distributed to licensees including Google, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram. Over the years, Kirkus has established a reputation for independence and frankness. Earning a Kirkus star is a coup for any author, but the service isn’t cheap, and there’s no guarantee a review will be positive. Seeking a professional review, such as a Kirkus Indie book review, is a significant investment and your book needs to be ready to face the challenge.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 4.08.52 AM

I was nervous to get a Kirkus Review of Love Spell as I had only seen them on Amazon.com in association with rather famous books. How could one of my books get a decent review, like John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars did? Plus they are far from free. But I felt very confident that Love Spell was a book with a creative and quirky presentation and a solid message. So I went for it.

And so, here is my very first Kirkus Review…



Kerick, Mia CoolDudes Publishing June 1, 2015


A teenage boy has a crush on a fellow student in Kerick’s (The Red Sheet, 2014, etc.) first-person YA charmer.

High schooler Chance César is no shrinking violet—not with his “hair dyed the flamboyant shade of a Cheez Doodle” and most certainly not while wearing “a scandalously snug-in-all-the-wrong (right)-places orange tuxedo and four-inch black pumps” while strutting down a fall-festival catwalk for the title of Miss Harvest Moon. He’s come to terms with being gay, but he’s still confused by some gender-related issues. Instead of owning up to having a feminine side, for example, he acknowledges to his best friend, Emily, that he has a “soft side.” He’s also told her about his romantic interest in Jasper Donahue, another student, whom he nicknames “Jazz.” The two boys eventually become friends, but Chance can’t figure out if Jazz is gay as well. As he tries to get Jazz interested in him, he first relies on an online list (“Ten Scientifically Proven Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love With You”) and later follows a website’s instructions on how to cast a love spell on “The Target.” Kerick devotes most of the book to sassy fun and first-love desire, but her depiction of the loneliness caused by apathetic parents, the insecurity of extra pounds, the stress of college applications, the meanness of bullies, the importance of forgiveness, and especially the uneasiness of being “stuck in the gray area between girl and boy” make this novel thoroughly enjoyable. The book not only hits upon all manner of teenage angst, but also on the significance of true family values and on the joys of such simple pleasures as high–thread-count sheets, sharing homemade pizza, and playing card games instead of “head games” on a Friday night. The characters are memorable and the dialogue is consistently bright and believable, featuring authentic-sounding teenspeak. The author even defines Chance’s invented vocabulary words (such as “Randatorbs” and “Dooza-palooza”) in a back-of-the-book glossary for readers who can’t keep up.

A comical, thought-provoking YA novel for those who believe in the magic of love without all the hocus-pocus.


I am happy I decided to get this review. I will post it on Amazon and Goodreads and here! I’m not sure if I will do it again with another book, but it was validating for me with Love Spell.

Thanks for checking it out!!



Tomorrow you will see the gorgeous cover design by Louis C Harris of YoungDudes Publishing!!

I am very excited!!! Thank you to Kari Higa for all of these amazing images of Chance César! They truly bring him to life!!

Please let me know what you think of the cover!!


LOVE SPELL KARI PROMO win your own pageant

LOVE SPELL KARI PROMO see me as a girl



INTRODUCING Kari Higa… my exquisitely talented new assistant and artist!!! And LOVE SPELL… can’t forget that.

Today is May 1st.

*KARI HIGA’s Birthday!!!

*Introduction of said BIRTHDAY GIRL as my new assistant!!

*Announcement of my new YA LGBTQ Contemporary Romantic Comedy LOVE SPELL that will release on June 1st!!

Here memes are so artistic I plan to post them here, as a chronicle to the evolution of the release of LOVE SPELL.

Here is the first image in the series… enjoy.

LOVE SPELL KARI PROMO see me as a girl