DEMI MADE ME A SHADOW BOX to celebrate the release of LOVE SPELL on June 1st!!


My nineteen-year-old daughter Demi is a dancer who cannot dance as she just had surgery on her ankle. So she has jumped into the art world to express her creativity. Demi made me this AWESOME SHADOW BOX celebrating the book that she read and loved, LOVE SPELL, that will release June 1st from CoolDudes/YoungDudes Publishing.


photo 1-14

Here’s a more distant view of THE AWESOMESAUCE LOVE SPELL SHADOW BOX from above!!

photo 2-13

Let’s look at the tiny details!!! Notice the label from the Cheez-It box… cracker tranquilizers, yeah.

And the candle… a must-have for any respectable love spell.

Didn’t Chance get called an ugly orange-haired troll in Love Spell? (I think the troll-as well as Chance-is totes adorbs!)

I see black eyeliner– can you say Captain Jack Sparrow? Hehehe. Where’s the Cherry Chapstick, huh?

Is that a joker card? Are you calling Chance a joker, Demi?

And is that the key to Jazz’s heart?

photo 2-12

Let’s look a little bit closer, shall we?

There are some pumpkins… quite significant.

And the setting… I see corn from the Beans and Greens cornfield….a vast one (by New England Standards)

And is that a bottle of “signature scent”?

And do you see a little bit of sparkly love potion in a tiny bottle?

Of course there is a high-heeled shoe!! (Reminiscent of scene one- think smexy strutting.)

And the dice (die in singular, right?) is representative of “Take a Chance”

photo 4-6

Are those brilliantly colored male peacock feathers I spy? Bottom left and right!! Maybe Chance will knock you over with one!

photo 1-15

I bet if you look even more closely you will see more details that are pertinent to the story Love Spell.

Thank you to my daughter for creating a LOVE SPELL SHADOW BOX that is to die for!!! Woot!!

Love Spell by Mia Kerick


CoolDudes Publishing– releasing June 1

Available for pre-order on Amazon!!

Mia ❤

3 Comments on “DEMI MADE ME A SHADOW BOX to celebrate the release of LOVE SPELL on June 1st!!

  1. Love it!! All the details are so cute! But I must ask, where are the Cheez-its!!

  2. She was going to put an actual Cheez-It in there- painted with glue, but since I want to keep the shadow box, she decided to use the box label! Haha!

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