A Little Hypnosis Experiment with Mia Kerick… hehehe

19 thoughts on “A Little Hypnosis Experiment with Mia Kerick… hehehe”

  1. I was totally planning on buying this book before being hypnotized, but this was fun. I loved the cats in swimsuits!!

  2. Oh man! … Every time I went to Amazon I forgot what I was looking for! Of all the things I’ve lost in life I miss my mind the most!
    Great post Mia Kerick… now I need a nap!

  3. KerryP- love your screen name- Godiva chocolate is a huge favorite of mine… My hypnosis was supposed to brand LOVE SPELL into your memory!!! Are you saying my attempts at hypnosis failed? Well…. i think you need to read the post agin. Repetition of the script is supposed to be helpful.

  4. Meredith- I am so pleased that I could help you relax. Maybe I should shift my career goals and become a hypnotist instead of an author. What do you think?

  5. Thanks for the post – although I am not sure whether the laughing helped with the hypnosis or not (especially that cat picture – I want one of those bathing suits for my cat – I am sure he will love it).


  6. I love this experiment of yours, Mia. Altough I think hypnosis will have no effect on me, I obey, Momma Mia, but it’s quite funny. You know, everybody loves cats and dogs, I obey, Momma Mia,so you can count on me. I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – chicken – pf pf pf pf (xterravera at gmail dot com) @_@ Rai

  7. Bought , read, loved long before the hypnosis! I thought I’d found a safe place to read and drink coffee safely. Boy was I wrong! The cats alone were enough to make me choke, snort and spew! Your experiment was a lot of fun 🙂

  8. Hi Deedles!!! Thanks for reading Love Spell and loving Love Spell and allowing me to hypnotize you. #sorrynotsorry about the choking, snorting, and spewing. ❤

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