A Little Hypnosis Experiment with Mia Kerick… hehehe

I thought that today we would try a little experiment. 😉

Are you game? Wonderful!! Now, I am going to have to insist that you ask no questions, and just read the script below. Okay? Great. (And Chance César from Love Spell would love this game as he is not above having this type of fun.)

Make yourself nice and comfortable.That’s good.

elephant sunbathing

Let’s start by taking a deep breath in…

Yes, very nice. Now hold this breath for a second or two.

And now release it nice and slowly, and release, as well, the stress of your day. Excellent…


Let go every last bit of your tension. A warm tingly sensation flows from your head to your neck to your back and belly, to your private areas, to your thighs and calves and feet. Oh, and your arms. And hands. Um… did I mention your shoulders?

hypnotizing dog

You are getting very sleepy.


You may begin to feel as if your eyelids are becoming very heavy, and you may want to go to sleep, but you must keep your eyes open.


As you read each sentence on this script, you drop down deeper into relaxation.

hypnotizing cat

Just focus on the words. Yes, just like that…


Focus on the pictures. You cannot look away….

REAL final cover of Love Spell

Clear your mind of all thoughts except what the words and pictures bring forth.

just call me brazen LOVE SPELL KARI PROMO with cover

From the hairs on the top of your head to the tip of your baby toe you feel warm, relaxed, and wonderful as you read the words and study the pictures.


The items in the pictures bring on feelings of happiness and pleasure, like rays of sunlight washing over your entire body.

(I had trouble choosing an image)

dog-boy-sunbathing-410 sunbathing,-cats-157310

You will surrender to the desires you are experiencing based on the images you are seeing. You will not fight your urges…


You will allow feelings of unmitigated joy to surface when you hear or see the words, “Love Spell.”

REAL final cover of Love Spell

You will experience an unquenchable desire to possess the story of Chance César’s struggle to make Jazz Donahue fall in love with him.

jazz and chance promo with cover kari

You NEED to purchase LOVE SPELL!! by Mia Kerick…. It’s on Amazon…. Just saying….

REAL final cover of Love Spell

It feels so good to relax and know that Love Spell by Mia Kerick will soon be yours.

You feel so happy and peaceful as you envision the light pink, heart-covered book (yes, Love Spell by Mia Kerick) in your extremely relaxed hands.

photo 1-18

Thanks to Love Spell by Mia Kerick all stress is gone from your body and your life. And the entire world, for that matter.


Thanks to Love Spell by Mia Kerick you are completely at peace.

Young woman sleeping on a green grass.

Young woman sleeping on a green grass.

Love Spell by Mia Kerick fulfills your every reading desire.

Fiske Times Promo Kari Love Spell

Yes, that’s good. Breathe in… hold it… now release your breath.

In a moment I will count down from five to one. With each number I count you will become more committed to your need to purchase Love Spell by Mia Kerick. When I get to one you will wake up feeling refreshed and in the mood to shop online.


5 – Let yourself go completely, give yourself up to your urge to shop and then read a “whimsical love story that will make you laugh and cry”

laugh and cry

4- Every number is an opportunity to further accept your need for Love Spell by Mia Kerick.

REAL final cover of Love Spell

3- You feel better (and more sure of what you want to do with your $4.99) than you have ever felt in your life.


2- You will respond “I obey” when you hear me say number one


You will go to www.Amazon.com and conduct a search in the Kindle Store for Love Spell by Mia Kerick….

hypnotizing clock


1- “I obey”

(You know what to do now.)

I’m in the mood for a contest… an old-fashioned throw the names in a hat and pick a winner contest!!

Prize will be Mia Kerick-related, depending upon your location- in the US I can mail you stuff, out of the US it will have to be something I can email you.

SO COMMENT and leave email address and I will enter your name!!

I’ll give it a few days before I draw a name… no set date so DO IT NOW!! (say “I obey, Momma Mia”)

It was lovely spending time with you today. Hehehehe…..

Mia ❤

19 Comments on “A Little Hypnosis Experiment with Mia Kerick… hehehe

  1. I was totally planning on buying this book before being hypnotized, but this was fun. I loved the cats in swimsuits!!

  2. Hi Ann!! Thanks for the support. It seems I will go to any length to “persuade” you to buy my book!!!

  3. Lol That was cute! I already own it so don’t worry about adding me. 🙂

  4. Lili- the giveaway will be discussion-based, in other words, I’ve got stuff, I’ll see what you want!!!

  5. Oh man! … Every time I went to Amazon I forgot what I was looking for! Of all the things I’ve lost in life I miss my mind the most!
    Great post Mia Kerick… now I need a nap!

  6. KerryP- love your screen name- Godiva chocolate is a huge favorite of mine… My hypnosis was supposed to brand LOVE SPELL into your memory!!! Are you saying my attempts at hypnosis failed? Well…. i think you need to read the post agin. Repetition of the script is supposed to be helpful.

  7. Meredith- I am so pleased that I could help you relax. Maybe I should shift my career goals and become a hypnotist instead of an author. What do you think?

  8. Great post I love the elephant picture!

  9. HI Shirley!! Thanks for commenting. The elephant is pretty relaxed!! I like him/her too!

  10. Thanks for the post – although I am not sure whether the laughing helped with the hypnosis or not (especially that cat picture – I want one of those bathing suits for my cat – I am sure he will love it).


  11. Hi Jen!! Thanks for your comment. I had a laugh over the cat pictures, too, but don’t tell them.

  12. I love this experiment of yours, Mia. Altough I think hypnosis will have no effect on me, I obey, Momma Mia, but it’s quite funny. You know, everybody loves cats and dogs, I obey, Momma Mia,so you can count on me. I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – I obey, Momma Mia – chicken – pf pf pf pf (xterravera at gmail dot com) @_@ Rai

  13. Bought , read, loved long before the hypnosis! I thought I’d found a safe place to read and drink coffee safely. Boy was I wrong! The cats alone were enough to make me choke, snort and spew! Your experiment was a lot of fun 🙂

  14. Hi Deedles!!! Thanks for reading Love Spell and loving Love Spell and allowing me to hypnotize you. #sorrynotsorry about the choking, snorting, and spewing. ❤

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