COVER REVEAL TODAY “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” by Mia Kerick YA LGBTQ Contemporary Romance Novella

Duh duh-duh daaaaaah!!! Here it is!! The moment you (I) have been waiting for!!

Here is the reveal of the awesome cover by Louis C Harris of my first NOVELLA!!

“A HARD DAY’s NIGHT” by Mia Kerick YA LGBTQ Contemporary Romantic Fiction with Humor


REAL FINAL cover of A Hard Day's Night

Within this short but sweet story are two cute teenage boys finding themselves and each other, plenty of Beatles music to sing along with, total beauty makeovers that will make you envious, shades of pink Disney T-shirts, boogying down to Taylor Swift tunes, a kiss or two that are a little bit more than sweet, and a photo session that will leave you breathless!! What’s not to like?

And maybe the two boys learn a little something about life, but you are gonna have to read it to find out!!

“A Hard Day’s Night” by Mia Kerick

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❤ Mia



Hello, and thanks for coming to my BOWLER BOOK BIRTHDAY PARTY PALOOZA!!!  Sit down, everyone, make yourselves comfy, and listen to my speech… or um, my welcome. Yes, my warm welcome for the guest of honor, Michael J. Bowler.

Today a very close, very wonderful friend of mine is releasing a YA HORROR THRILLING WORK OF FICTION!! Spinner, by Michael J Bowler features a diverse cast of heroic high school kids, a slew of nasty cats, some devious and calculating adults and EVIL I can’t describe or I will most certainly have nightmares!! Now, maybe you are thinking, “I’m a romance reader” and  under normal circumstances, so am I… but Spinner is a refreshingly chilling change in pace that kept my heart pounding and my fingers turning the pages!!! (YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.)

SO, in honor of our guest Michael Bowler…




THE AMAZON LINK to SPINNER is on my comments!!!! 🙂



Let’s start with some cupcakes… of course I will stay with my theme. BOOK CUPCAKES! See the tiny books I stuck on them?

book cupcakes

And BOOK-ISH balloons…

book balloon

and of course we must have coffee, tea, and cocoa – I bought some special mugs for the occasion…

(Michael- of course you can have a mug of almond milk)

book-mug 3 book mug 1 book mug 2 big books funny_judge_a_book_mug go away mug

Now, to let you all know how much I adored Spinner, I will now read aloud my FIVE STAR review. You can find it on Goodreads and Amazon (soon) if you would like to re-read it. FIVE STARS- did you hear that part??

five stars

Black and white Mia Kerick

I’m a romance reader, and definitely not what you would call a huge horror fan, but as you know, there’s an EXCEPTION to every rule. Michael J Bowler’s FIVE STAR YA thriller, Spinner, is this exception to my romance novel obsession.

I have to ask myself why—why could I not put Spinner down, when I normally would never pick up a YA horror novel? So here’s my main reason: where I’m a romance reader, I’m an action movie lover! No, strangely, I don’t want to watch a love story unfold on the big screen; I want to be thrilled, challenged, made to think, and concentrate very hard, through every moment of a movie. This is exactly what Spinner caused me to do as I read each and every gripping page. And thus, I view Bowler’s exciting, un-put-down-able work of YA horror as interactive as I do a thrilling action movie. Just give me some popcorn and a soda and a copy of Spinner and I’m good to go!! That’s entertainment!!

Now on a more serious note, to thoroughly enjoy a novel, I also need to buy what the author is selling. In other words, I must believe in what he is trying to get across, and thus, I need the language to be right. Bowler, having had a great deal of experience with special education teens as a high school teacher, hits the nail on the head with his character dialogue. In addition, I need the relationships to be intense and to genuinely matter to me, and again, Bowler delivers. I wanted—no, I needed—to know whether there would be acceptance and forgiveness and yes, even love, between his tightly knit cast of characters. I found these two essential aspects of a book I can embrace—believability and a feeling that I actually care what happens to the characters—to be alive and well, and thriving, in Michael J. Bowler’s Spinner.

And finally, because I have read Bowler’s Children of the Knight series and FELL IN LOVE with each of the five books (even experiencing a mini-depression when I concluded the final one), I gained an insight about myself and what I’m looking for, particularly when I read a YA novel. I want to learn something. I want to be somehow enlightened, and even end up a more well-informed and compassionate individual for having read the work of fiction. If this also concerns you, I’d suggest you read Spinner by Michael J Bowler. You will emerge on the other side of the novel a more educated, empathetic, and tuned-in (to society) person.

I can see you are all spellbound by my amazing review of Spinner, but honestly, and you all know me well enough to know I’m a straight shootin’ type of gal, if you want to be truly spellbound you must read SPINNER!!

Okay, now everybody, get up. It’s time for a GROUP HUG in support of my dear friend and his amazing book.

group hug 4 group hug group_hug group hug 3 Alright-group-hug-qe8h7rgw6 group hug 7




book birthday

COVER REVEAL PROMO FOR “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” Mia’s first novella!! YA LGBTQ Contemporary Romance

Short but sweet.

I will admit, I didn’t intend to write a novella. But 21,500 words was all it took to write the skinny slice of Lennon and Fin’s life that I wanted to put forth in “A Hard Day’s Night.” Why drag it out? “A Hard Day’s Night” is the story of two teenage boy’s one hard day and one harder night during which they explore and discover their sexuality. A twenty-four hour journey…  modern with a touch of humor, lots of pop culture and even more FAB FOUR culture, sort of on the line of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’s overnight self-exploration in Manhattan. Some stories are just kind of short and sweet, so why fight it?

So, the cover reveal is on August 10th. The preorder buy link on Amazon and the WANT TO READ on Goodreads will go up that day, too, if all goes according to the grand plan.

My awesome publishing company CoolDudes/YoungDudes Publishing has provided me with some awesome gifts to prepare for the big day.

AHDN Cover Reveal-03

This cover reveal promo image arouses interest in the book and the Beatles, huh? Thanks Louis C Harris ❤

And Louis J Harris ❤ sent me a musical present this morning!!

How amazing is this???? You know you want “A Hard Day’s Night”, don’t you, my friends???

AHDN Cover Reveal-05-1

Get ready for a novella that can be read in a long afternoon on the beach, or a hot evening on the deck!

A HARD DAY’s NIGHT by Mia Kerick WOOT!!!!!