A VERY Personal Statement by Mia Kerick “Accepting Myself”

6 thoughts on “A VERY Personal Statement by Mia Kerick “Accepting Myself””

  1. Don’t forget to revisit that book, The Beautiful Me! I totally understand the lifelong body issues. There was a ten-year period before I got married that I was happy with my size. I was exercising and I was so busy with work, I didn’t eat much. I’ve dieted and lost weight and gain again. I’m now in the losing stage because sour whole family is doing low-carb and trying to exercise. And we don’t deny ourselves.. We treat ourselves to occasional pizza and sushi.

    At some point, though, don’t we have to accept our bodies for what they are? If not, then make the commitment to change your lifestyle? I’m tired of making myself feel bad.. 😊

  2. I do have to dig out that Beautiful Me book. I guess my commitment to that book wavered with my commitment to actually accepting myself. I am going to try one more time. I am excited with the possibility of experiencing this freedom. Maybe this will be the time. Thanks for commenting, Kari.

  3. As the Senior here … let me say that what’s TRULY important is the inside contents carried around by the outside body. Hopefully you can keep shouting down the inner voice that says the negative things & replace it with a song attesting to your beautiful You. Your outside body has made it this far … with all of the good things in your life because of the Great insides that are REALLY YOU! Packages get dented & ripped & retaped … but that doesn’t reflect on the gifts inside! Thank your body for it’s journey with you & tell it you both have survived & surpassed all of the negatives from your past. Go have fun & when the stress is forgotten … your body will be & do what you want it to do. Carry YOU around PROUDLY! Love you from Alaska ❤

  4. Cody- I think writing this post is going to be instrumental in helping me to believe that I am the beautiful me I’m supposed to be. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  5. Ann- I believe that the contents of my heart are what truly counts- I really do! I am just trying to accept this public aspect of me, and to believe that i don’t have to be perfect in everyone else’s eyes to be happy. I’d rather change the world- and make everyone else see beauty in the diversity of human beings.But I am not in control of what everyone else thinks. And honestly, I wouldn’t trade my body for anyone else’s… I just want to do as you say and sing an inner song of the beautiful me!! Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.

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