Wanna WIN SOME STUFF??? Check out my blog!!!

7 thoughts on “Wanna WIN SOME STUFF??? Check out my blog!!!”

  1. Hi Mia. I’m not great at reviews but wanted to help out. I have reviewed Us Three and Here Without You on Amazon today 9/30. I hope to review a few more of your books hopefully in a few days.

  2. I’m sorry don’t think I can say it enough ppl often take my sincere apology to be just an excuse but it’s not often when were hurt all we wanna do is make someone feel what we feel but that’s not right lately I’ve wanted to change but I have to start with me I don’t know how to love myself so how can I love anyone else I’m a bad friend daughter sister person overall but I serve a God who forgives and I can only hope every person I hurt can do the same I would be naive to think I don’t deserve everything I have coming to me because I do but I know one simple apology on a website is not enough so I’m gonna contact the ppl that I know deserve an apology. I tend to think that no one is genuine and no one like me when I try to be me but who care for this day forward I will love me no matter what….. Daddy Kia Mesha Mommy and last but not least Lee Lee I love you all more than you’ll ever know 😞

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