Trying to absorb the reality/ My life in 2016

4 thoughts on “Trying to absorb the reality/ My life in 2016”

  1. Great review of 2016! So happy for you & your family & to your graduates .. Congratulations! Hope the last half of the year is as kind to you all. Getting my passport ready if Trump wins .. worst thing about this whole scenario .. there are supposed ‘educated’ people .. not reading or listening to actual REAL facts & think automatically that Trump knows what he is talking about. That has me seriously worried more than Trump. Mob mentally seems to rule them. Really scary!

  2. I think you have a point about mob mentality, Anna, which is frightening and reminds me of some very scary lessons we should have learned from in the past. The majority shouldn’t always rule. In this case, I hope Trump doesn’t end up with the majority in the presidential election. I think he might try to the best of his ability to “act presidential” now until the election, which could allow some voters to say, “he’s not all that bad”, but what if he wins the presidency? Then, there will be no reason for him to “act presidential”. He already has the presidency and can just do as he pleases. (shudder)

    I also think people want a change, but not all of the devils we don’t know are better than the ones we do know. Yes, Donald Trump is change. But we need to look at the messages he’s sending about PEOPLE- about religion and disability and race and LGBTQ equality and gender and so much more.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I’m glad you got to be mama Mia! Your children are amazing! All very different, each talented in different ways.. Kudos to you for fostering individuality!!

    The fairy tale sounds so fun!! Of course I will read whatever you write.. 😊

    About Trump.. I agree with Elizabeth Warren that he is the ultimate bully. And so many of my friends are Trump supporter (some because he’s the republican nominee)… To me both Trump and Clinton represent the worst in politicians.. and I’m a life-long democrat but I considered voting for Kasich.. I’m certainly not going to vote for Trump but it’s depressing that I choosing Hillary because I don’t want Trump.. I was so enthusiastic for Obama.. Sigh..

    Happy writing, Mia!

  4. Hi Kari- Thank you for the congrats on the kids. One more to go… (Chris to graduate high school). Did you have a child graduate this year? Please tell me about it, if you did.

    I know how you feel about Obama- i love him too. I was constantly inspired by him and agreed with almost everything he said and did. I really like Bernie, too, but I think at this point I’m not going to get exactly what I want, but I will vote for the candidate of the Democratic Party because it stands for most of what I believe in, and it is not Donald Trump. I really like Elizabeth Warren, too. She’s kinda feisty.

    We have to chat soon!! It has been a while!!

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