It’s the Climb

6 thoughts on “It’s the Climb”

  1. You’re already doing many of the right things. Focusing on friends and family, getting outdoors, exercising…

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    When I find myself flagging, I remind myself that it’s merely a bump in the road and I just need to keep trudging on and get beyond it. Alternating between being mindful of my present state of mind and distractions like focusing on and helping others helps me keep my perspective. So I plaster a smile on my face and keep on going and soon I realize that the smile is real again.

  2. Mel- the smile until it turns real makes me think of “fake it ’til you make it” which is actually very good advice. The exercise and the music I listen to while hiking has been hugely helpful. And then there is the fact that I can reach out to writers like Cody and Jesse and Michael and Raine and readers like you and Dianne and Kevin and helpers like Jaime and Louis and my husband and sister and kids… and I know that what I’m missing is MUCH LESS than what I have!

  3. Which shows that you are practicing one more thing on the list… an attitude of gratitude. I know you’ve got this.

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