REVIEW and more of Your Alpha My Mate by Rachel Ravenheart

Rachel Ravenheart and I are both fortunate to publish some of our books with CoolDudes Publishing, where they REALLY have a heart for their authors. I enjoy the warm and professional experience I have working with Louis J, Louis C, and Kimi every time! (Thanks, guys!)


Today Rachel is visiting me with her exciting new release, Your Alpha My Mate, which is a shifter book aimed at a Young Adult Audience. I would recommend it for upper teen readers as well as for adults.



Jamie is a shifter.
But he can’t shift. That’s what he wants his pack to think.
Truth is, Jamie is a white wolf. The biggest, best, strongest kind of wolf. He refuses to shift because his pack, and his parents, treat him as a misfit. An outcast. And when he takes matters into his own hands by fleeing to join the Lonestar Pack, his fate is already determined.

There will be sacrifice.

There will be war.

There will be death.
Above all, there will be love.
And love always wins.





I was offered an opportunity to review Rachel Ravenheart’s upcoming release Your Alpha, My Mate, which is part one of the Lonestar Chronicles.

Your Alpha, My Mate is a YA shifter novel contrasting the pain of bullying and the loneliness endured while living in an abusive family situation with the bliss of renewal that comes from young love and bonding, written in the language of its YA audience. The story starts with 17-year-old Jamie, living in his home among the Cajun Red (wolf) Pack. He is considered to be an embarrassment and is a social outcast because the pack believes he cannot shift into a wolf. Jamie hides his ability to shift and his very rare wolf form from his original pack because of his inability to trust them. Although he keeps himself as emotionally separate as possible from his peers and family, they find excuses to beat and humiliate him. Only when Jamie leaves home and joins with the Lonestar Pack, is he able to finally find love and acceptance, as well as respect.


As a YA novel, Your Alpha, My Mate examines teen bullying in a realistic manner. Jamie nearly reaches a level of complete hopelessness, but is able to hang on, which is a great message for young readers. Another difficult subject Ravenheart explores is the isolation and fear Jamie experiences while living in an abusive family. The physical pain Jamie endures makes no sense to him, and like many youths he feels he has no choice but to run.


These painful experiences are contrasted with his joy of finding the one he is fated to be with as a lifelong mate. Through Jamie and Jackson, a teen reader can live a fantasy of pure love, where two individuals find one another against the odds, and treat each other with gentleness, support, and kindness. In Jackson’s family, with whom Jamie lives and bonds, he finds the healthy relationships for which he has been longing.


Your Alpha, My Mate also examines friendships, which are vital to the teen reader. The story highlights both positive and negative relationships. The negative aspects of friendship included are based in feelings of jealousy, ego, and desire for power. They are contrasted with positive friendships characterized by trust, dependability, and openness. There is also an example of a teen who is able to change and become a better person, which provides a hopeful message.


The love story of Jamie and Jackson carries you from high points to low, and then takes you there again and again. Your Alpha, My Mate is truly a page-turner that will appeal to a reader who enjoys intimate romantic scenes—both physical and emotional—as well as action and adventure.

five stars



Title: Your Alpha My Mate


Genre: Fiction, Gay, Shifter, Romance, Werewolf, Revenge, Teen, Young Adult, Contemporary

Ebook 195 pages – Amazon. All Romance eBooks – $3.99

Print book 200 pages – Createspace – $11.99

Author: Rachel Ravenheart

Publisher: CoolDudes Publishing PTY LTD

Publication Date: 20 Nov, 2016


Book Description:

Your Alpha, My Mate, is Rachel Ravenheart’s first shifter novel showcasing a cast of characters that could be taken directly from real life. All too often teenagers are ignored, or bullied by their peers, family members and fellow students because of what they can or cannot do. In the end, the outcome of such peer tactics can be disastrous for the teenager. However, in

Your Alpha, My Mate, the characters understand that in order to overcome adversity, they must plunge into the unknown to find their place in the world.

The dramatic elements should have particular appeal to young adults and teens who have fallen into a similar trap as the main character. However, the main character makes dramatic decisions to change the status quo and comes out trumps.

The book has two viewpoints; the author allows the reader to seek out the mind of each character as they communicate through their own special mind link.




Taken from Chapter 5

I tried to find Connor and Lisa through the mind link, but there was too much going on. Instead, I found them in the entertainment room with Jackson playing Halo, and yelling and threatening each other.

“Hey guys! Having fun? You do realize it’s only a game right?” I laughed.

“Half the fun is the arguing back and forth with your opponent. It wouldn’t be as much fun otherwise,” Jackson said.

Connor sighed dramatically. “You know you’re just as bad when you’re playing, Jamie.”

Watching them as they continued their game, I was drawn to Jackson and how happy he seemed. Something in my gut was telling me that I should always make sure that he’s happy. As I pondered what was going on, someone else entered the room and all of us stared at the girl who stood in the doorway.

Lisa acknowledge her first. “Janet. Is there something we can help you with?”

Janet ignored Lisa and walked over to Jackson. “Hey Jackson. Would you like to spend some time alone with me before the BBQ tonight? Maybe we can go on a date?”

“Go away,” he replied with a heavy sigh. “I have never wanted to spend time alone with you, let alone a date. I know you’re lonely, but nothing is going to happen between us.”

He turned away from her to focus on the game.

As Janet walked away in a huff, I asked, “Are they always throwing themselves at you?”

“They only want to be the Alpha female. Sad thing is they keep hoping I won’t find my mate in time, so they’re always coming up to me like that and, to be honest, I can’t stand people who don’t respect other people’s feelings or wishes. What’s sad is Sarah is usually the only one doing this, not Janet.” He frowned, but perked up when he heard a loud triangle sound from outside.

That sound meant it was time for the BBQ. I didn’t know why, but I was nervous about being introduced to all these people since none of them had said or done anything to me since my arrival. A couple of them already knew me but still, it was daunting. I steeled myself because this BBQ was also a way to find the one with that alluring scent of pine and chocolate. The one that would complete me.

Now, with the prospect of finding out who my mate was, I could hear Josh and Mary’s voices in the back of my head saying my mate was going to reject me because I was such a disappointment.

Those voices dissipated as I walked out to the field where the BBQ was set up and a cheer rose from the pack. A couple of hours into the BBQ I had shaken hands with almost everyone and was rather disappointed because there was no electricity.

Until a hand touched my shoulder.

Tiny little shocks frizzled throughout my body.

I turned.

I finally knew, for the first time, to whom that bouquet of pine and chocolate belonged.

The shocks had stirred my wolf and made him leap with joy.

He kept his hand on my shoulder and I stared at him with bated breath.

Could it be possible?

Of course!

It only happened when he was around.



Author Information


Rachel Ravenheart made a splash as a new author in the literary world with Uncommon Valor in 2015. She has had the desire to write junior high. She moved from a small town in Iowa in time to start high school in Louisiana.

Rachel lost sight of writing as she got bogged down with sports and school. Her dream of being a writer forgotten as she looked to the future to study Political Science with the hope of going to law school when she moved to Texas.

To make her way in the world she got wrapped up in the field of nursing when she got a job as a C.N.A. and soon even her dream of law school was forgotten. Strangely, thanks to an injury, she was at home recuperating and was bored when she remembered her love for writing. Never thinking she would ever get published she began.

Writers like Rob Colton, Mann Ramblings, and Alicia Nordwell inspired her creativity. She found and after some encouragement she decided to post her first story. With the enthusiasm of readers her confidence grew and she took the step to send off her first story to be published.

The rest, as they say, is history.





THANK YOU, Rachel Ravenheart, for visiting my blog today, and showcasing your November 20th 2016 release Your Alpha My Mate on my blog today!!

❤ Mia