FUN with Mia’s Homemade Memes

I’m not even slightly technically inclined, BUT, necessity IS the mother of invention, right? Not that I invented’s meme-making system, but the necessity to promote my books drove me to a frenzied trial-by-error approach to figuring out (aka inventing) how to make memes to use on social media.

I credit Julia Ember with the big heads-up. THANK YOU BIG TIME, JULIA!!!! She pointed me in the direction of, where, to be honest, I’ve allowed my creative juices to flow.

My first attempts at making memes for Facebook promotion were rather rudimentary. 




Never fear, I’ve improved.




I went WILD with my Valentine’s Day wishes for Facebook friends and a personal friend…





Yes, these examples may just define “OVERKILL.” So sue me.

OK Sneak Peek- ONLY YOU GET TO SEE ONE OF NEXT WEEK’s PROMO MEMES for Scarred , my March 1st release!!!




No overkill here. Hmmm…. simplicity.

I must admit, I’m getting addicted to this whole meme-making thing.



But I’m nowhere NEAR the image artist that Louis C Harris of CoolDudes Publishing is.

Isn’t this FANTASTIC?



IN LOVE…. Yes, I am in love with this cover that shows Matt’s physically scarred back and in the background, Vedie’s emotionally scarred soul.


Do YOU make memes? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

***I will draw one name of a random commenter who will win a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card. Please leave an email address so I can send it to you!!

Comment on Memes… Comment on GIFs… Tell me how to pronounce these words… LOL.


LOVE and KISSES… (I should make a meme for this.)




18 Comments on “FUN with Mia’s Homemade Memes

  1. FROM Jessica with Momma Mia’s help…. “Love the post and the cover!!!
    And I can’t pronounce GIF’s either. Good thing it doesn’t come up much in conversation.”

  2. I haven’t tried to make any memes myself yet. Rhere are so many of the Internet that it has only been of interest wgen I can’t find what I am looking for. Congratulations on learning it and sharing. I think I need to try out too. 🙂

  3. I liked your post on meme making. Don’t know how to pronounce it either. I keep searching the internet for memes.

  4. I don’t make graphics at all and I do blog……Loved your post on making memes and I have no idea how to pronounce any of them! lol

  5. Fun! I love memes (I think it’s a long E sound?) and would love to make them. But then I’m afraid my sarcastic side would win out and I’d get myself in trouble. 🙂 diannewrites2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  6. I think they look great! And it’s me-m like you and me and the m sound at the end.

  7. These are great comments! I look for memes that are already made online sometimes, but I live with the fear that someone is going to sue me for stealing their stuff. So with, I don’t worry so much.

  8. Hey I love the memes Mia! I loved the Valentine meme to your special friend, Michael. I saved it and secretly pretend you made it for me. Hahaha

  9. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Need to update my collection after CLEAN which I think is the last one I have in print!!! well when I start working again!!!!! LOL

  10. oh… I missed the facts about posting… memes and gifs (those are comments by the way) say “meems”

  11. Hi Mia, I think the ones you made are great. I’m tech challenged and I’m absolutely clueless about meme’s I do love the Minions memes I have collected quite a few.

  12. Michael Thompson- you make me laugh!!! HAHA!!! You made me a meme, though, so consider the Michael meme half yours!!

  13. Kevin- you don’t have The Art of Hero Worship?? Let Momma Mia know. In A Gilded Cage never came out in print. So the next one is Scarred. Thanks… “meem” How do you say Gif?

  14. KARI!!!! Hi! Your art was the best thing I ever had as far as promotions go!!! If you ever feel like drawing for an author again- please think of me!! I miss you! Hope all is well.

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