FUN with Mia’s Homemade Memes

18 thoughts on “FUN with Mia’s Homemade Memes”

  1. FROM Jessica with Momma Mia’s help…. “Love the post and the cover!!!
    And I can’t pronounce GIF’s either. Good thing it doesn’t come up much in conversation.”

  2. I haven’t tried to make any memes myself yet. Rhere are so many of the Internet that it has only been of interest wgen I can’t find what I am looking for. Congratulations on learning it and sharing. I think I need to try out too. 🙂

  3. Fun! I love memes (I think it’s a long E sound?) and would love to make them. But then I’m afraid my sarcastic side would win out and I’d get myself in trouble. 🙂 diannewrites2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. These are great comments! I look for memes that are already made online sometimes, but I live with the fear that someone is going to sue me for stealing their stuff. So with, I don’t worry so much.

  5. Hey I love the memes Mia! I loved the Valentine meme to your special friend, Michael. I saved it and secretly pretend you made it for me. Hahaha

  6. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Need to update my collection after CLEAN which I think is the last one I have in print!!! well when I start working again!!!!! LOL

  7. oh… I missed the facts about posting… memes and gifs (those are comments by the way) say “meems”

  8. Hi Mia, I think the ones you made are great. I’m tech challenged and I’m absolutely clueless about meme’s I do love the Minions memes I have collected quite a few.

  9. Kevin- you don’t have The Art of Hero Worship?? Let Momma Mia know. In A Gilded Cage never came out in print. So the next one is Scarred. Thanks… “meem” How do you say Gif?

  10. KARI!!!! Hi! Your art was the best thing I ever had as far as promotions go!!! If you ever feel like drawing for an author again- please think of me!! I miss you! Hope all is well.

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