Adult Romance with a Transgender Character in Mia Kerick’s New Release, Scarred

16 thoughts on “Adult Romance with a Transgender Character in Mia Kerick’s New Release, Scarred”

  1. Congratulations on the new release, Mia. Scarred is an emotional rollercoaster. I loved Vedie and Matt.
    I am lucky to live in a country (Netherlands) where LGBT rights are heavily embedded in society. We were the first to legalize same sex marriage. I feel for all those people who are not so lucky and battle a daily war.

  2. I live in the Netherlands. It’s a small open minded country. So here you can marriage as same sex. Thank God. But I sympathize with people all over the world who can’t be themselves and don’t have the same rights as they should have. I love them all and want to hold them and protect them!!

  3. If everyone felt as you do, loveislovereview, the world would be a better place!! please leave your email address in case you win!!

  4. Thanks for the blog post and congrats on the release! Scarred sounds really good – added it to my TBR list.

    And, I definitely think the US has a long way to go in protecting transgender people (and protecting a lot of other people and rights). It literally makes me ill that we are going backwards right now.

  5. Jen- I feel the same way- we are going backward in the US right now. Maybe if Jeff Sessions resigns from AG things will improve. Thanks for the comment.

  6. As a teacher with 3 trans kids on our building; NO, there are not enough protections either by the state of Idaho or by the federal gov’t. Luckily I work for a very progressive district and we have great policies in place for these kids. (As long as the state doesn’t come in and pass laws to overturn our local protections!)

  7. I am so glad some schools are sticking to their ideals and doing the right thing for trans kids. That is hopeful news but we need laws to protect transgender kids and adults in society. Thanks, Eric, for your comment.

  8. Our transgender friends and family members deserve our love, our respect and support. Factoid: approximately 1.4 million of them — twice as many as were previously estimated. That’s 0.6 percent of the population.Jun 30, 2016 – Williams Institute.

  9. Hi Rachel. And that is a lot of people whose rights are being injured. But even if it was only a few people they deserve equality.
    Thanks for commenting.

  10. The current administration is scaring the heck out of me. I have friends who are from every spectrum of the rainbow and completely support and love each and every one of them. As an out gay man, I am so thrilled there is a genre for me to read and am even more excited to see novels that feature not only gay/lesbian/bisexuals but also all the others who make up our community. It’s fantastic to read books like yours. I hope that these wonderful books help others understand and stir compassion in each other. Thank you for writing this!!! xoxo

  11. HI Blaine. Thank you for thanking me!! LOL. Really, it is nice to be appreciated. I have written novels over the spectrum of LGBTQ and I am committed, right now, to writing more for Young Adults and Middle Grade about transgender teens and children. My Crunchy Live is about a transgender high school girl, right at the moment when she starts to live as female. It will come out through Harmony Ink Press. I also have a novel for ages 10-14 called The Princess of Baker Street about a transgender girl’s evolution through middle school. And I have more… but they are yet to be submitted. I am so committed to not only offering all kids (and people) a chance to be able to find themselves in literature, but I hope that the other kids will read these books and realize that we are all in many ways the same. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Winner of the gift card is Rachel Wolff!! If you see this, please PM me your email address. Otherwise, I’ll PM you in the morning.

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