Re release of Inclination by Mia Kerick August 10, 2017

It had been on my mind for a long time… with Inclination, the story of a devout Catholic teen, Anthony Del Vecchio, who is facing the reality of his gayness, I knew I could do better. And so at the time where my contract expired with CoolDudes Publishing, and I had the options of pulling it, improving it, or leaving it as it was, I chose to make it better.

The story is important. It was inspired by my own challenge with following each and every specific rule of the Catholic Church. Realizing how difficult this situation must also be for LGBTQ youth, I did a lot of reading and research regarding the experience of LGBTQ teens who were trying to live a “Christian”  life by rejecting, or at a minimum, avoiding the topic of their sexuality. What I found disturbed me and I knew I needed to write a book that addressed this issue so that teens could read it and feel less alone in times of high anxiety.

Be prepared: Inclination delves into Scripture. For teens who are searching for assurance that they CAN be actively LGBTQ and devout, Biblical references are necessary. To provide this factual information, I conducted further research into Old Testament Biblical references and the lack of New Testament references to homosexual activity. The result is a book that is laden with facts, but fashioned around a sixteen-year-old boy with whom you can connect

To celebrate this new version of Inclination, my awesome publisher, CoolDudes Publishing, has created a beautiful new cover.

I hope you check out the new, improved Inclination when it releases on August 10th !!

❤ Mia

white cover inclination

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