GO-GO boys: The experience

22 thoughts on “GO-GO boys: The experience”

  1. You are amazing… this is, in part, why your writing is so good, so informed, and so meaningful… research, as you will see in my interview, is so important to keep readers engaged about a topic with which they are familiar…

  2. I appreciate the fact u do so much research the life must b hard for some but is so interesting to me thx

  3. Hi Kathy!! (I’m gonna need your email address in the event you win!!)
    I think the life is hard for some of the dancers because of some of the stuff they have to put up with. The money is fast and can be quite good at times. To many club dancers, this makes it worth it.

  4. I think dancers have a hard time because they put up with everyone stuff plus they don’t always earn enough money when they are dancing

  5. Crystal- Yes, I read some stories about how they danced all evening and made $7. But then I heard other stories about them making a thousand dollars. The truth is, they earn the money. it isn’t easy. It can be degrading, at times. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hey Mia! I so enjoyed my ARC of Whatever He Needs and after reading the blog I now understand how your wrote about Dimmy so well! The research you put in is inspiring and commendable!

  7. HI HAYLEE!!! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the ARC. I truly enjoyed writing it. And yes, I research. I could write another BLOG POST about the experiences of Sugar Babies. And maybe I will!

  8. Well, I swear I just replied to you, Haylee, but for some reason it isn’t here SOOOO… I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the ARC. I do research hard. I spent hours researching sugar babies experiences too. (Maybe I’ll create another blog post on that topic!)

  9. What a wonderful post, and so informative. Not to mention the gorgeous lads on show. Research is important in writing and it’s obvious you took the time to know your subject.

  10. Hi Susan. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my (research paper) blog post! I really did spend some serious time learning about the experiences of go-go dancers. I’m not complaining. It was fascinating. And yes, I did enjoy the visuals. LOL.

  11. You put a lot of research into that. I’m looking forward to the book.
    jlshannon74 at gmail.com

  12. Wow what a blog post! So detailed and elaborate. Btw, why are they called “go go” dancers?

    PS. Sorry I use a different email because I can’t remember my wp password. 😝

  13. Hi Kimmer!!! I so hope you enjoy the story, though Dimmy is quite the reluctant go-go dancer. He’s still quite good at it. Thanks for commenting!

  14. So interesting and informative! It can be quite an exciting life, but it’s a shame they don’t all get the security they need to get home safely after their performances. Not everyone respects boundaries.

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