13 thoughts on “WHY CHOOSE A Mia Kerick MM ROMANCE?”

  1. I read every kind of bad boys rather they are protective of the people who they care about I buy most bad boys it depends how I like the book or not

  2. I read all kinds of bad boys and I buy most bad boys it depends on if I would love the book or not especially I have a lot of bad boys books

  3. I don’t mind a bad boy, but I prefer it if the badness is a front for vulnerability.

  4. I love the vulnerability that bad boys cover up behind anger and normally their fists and rough exterior!

  5. I love bad boys I like snark people that rebel and bend the rules I dislike bullies but anyone can b redeemed if they want I buy romance that deal with emotional and physical scars because I love to watch their journey to HEA

  6. I love bad boys, especially the ones with ‘reasons’ to be bad/angry. As a defense mechanism or simply because he’s a spoiled brat that has a good heart after all. But those who never come around are a big no.

  7. This is what I love to write… the people who are capable of change and who want to be and do better. They earn their HEAs.

  8. I’m not attracted to bad boys, but if the character has a soft inside and really isn’t such a bad boy, then they’re okay in fiction.

  9. That why I call them “very good bad boys.” His exterior appears rough and tough and hard and cold but inside… inside is kinda mushy.

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