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Hi, Blog Hoppers.

Breezy, beautiful summertime… It’s what we all dream of. Fun all day in the sun- playing volleyball on the beach and surfing the waves. Dancing all night (of course we are all so very scantily clad) by the light of a bright summer moon. Skinny dipping in the pool when the kids (or parents) have gone to bed. Cookouts and picnics and the salty taste of buttery corn-on-the cob melting on your tongue, not to mention licking scoops upon scoops of Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra on your front porch swing.

Yes, that is the summer of our dreams… Is the reality not a little bit different?

Strapping sticky and sandy children into car seats in the backseat of a an after-a-long-beach-day-hot car, exposing your right breast to a rapt audience of beach-goers when the wave you are riding assaults you mercilessly, as it carries you to shore. The pool is always just a bit too cold to completely submerge yourself, ants love picnics more than we do, and corn-on-the-cob always gets caught between your teeth. And even Ben and Jerry’s ice cream drips all over your thighs on that creaky, spider-infested porch swing at night. Oh, and there are so many mosquitos.

But a good romance novel, one that is doing its job, can take you away from the reality and whisk you off to a place that is even better than your dreams.

Consider Mia Kerick’s summer-lovin’ stories, for example:

BeggarsandChoosers_postcard_frontIn Beggars and Choosers, a distraught Cory confesses to his soul mate, Brett, the fear and pain of having nearly been raped, on a hot sandy East Coast beach…




notbrokenjustbent (2)In Not Broken, Just Bent Timmy and Ben together discover very their emerging sexuality in a pop tent on a camping trip to the White Mountains…




OutofHiding_FBThumbIn Out of Hiding, Philippe realizes that it is still safe to allow his damaged heart to love under the summer city lights of New York City…




And Mia has stories without the heat of the summer sun but equipped with a heat all their own:

mia Red Sheet award ImageThe Red Sheet carries you off to high school, where Bryan wakes up one morning a completely changed person—a person who shares more characteristics with Superman than he, or anyone he ever knew, would have thought possible. And of course young love blooms…



UsThree1And then there is Us Three that invites you to share a devastating story of teenaged bullying and the brave love of three teenage boys that rises from the wreckage…




PackageDeal[A]_postcard_front_DSPAnd don’t forget A Package Deal, where the package Robby receives comes in the form of a broken young man with whom he cannot help but fall in love, Tristan, and his bold best friend, Savannah…




And Mia has more: Intervention, Unfinished Business…and upcoming releases of Random Acts and One Voice.

Summer is the time for dreams. Check out a Mia Kerick love story and you will be taken to Mia’s vacation home- an escape you will share with the sweet, the damaged, the selfless, the jaded, and the rest of the ever growing and changing young men she has created for you, as they fall in love and learn to live.

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summer reads

Applause For The Red Sheet

The Red Sheet Promo V22

A YARD SALE IN MIA’S HEAD-a graduation, a seal of approval, vacation with Mia’s boys

This is not going to be an organized post. Instead, it will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Stream of consciousness…

Better yet, think of today’s post as a yard sale in Mia’s brain. You never know what you will find! Take what you like and leave the rest for someone else!!

photo 1-19  yard-sale

Today is the first full day of summer vacation for my two youngest. Yesterday, my son graduated from 8th grade and that made for a crazy day-graduation at the high school auditorium, lunch at T-Bones, ice cream at DQ, a big party, dressing up, pictures with “dates” and finally the entrance on the red carpet to the 8th grade final dance.





Summer has always ben a time of great change and maybe a bit of a frenzy at our house.

I spent the better part of the day just organizing my life. Who needs to be where, and when? Mom of four stuff.


BIG NEWS!! THE RED SHEET has won the Seal of Approval from Literary Classics CLC Book Awards!!

Here is a the website to check it out!!





CURRENTLY THERE is an awesome contest going on at THIS LINK!!!


The contest is to take a picture of a Mia Kerick book on your exotic VACATION or on you down-home STAY-CATION!!

Once you enter a picture to this link, you will automatically receive cool Mia Kerick swag in the form of a MYSTERY GRAB BAG!!


Here are some entries—

US THREE hanging around the house…


Dogs like Mia’s books.



Mia takes her boys to the park.


Cory and Brett visit Emerald Bay Vista Point



Mia’s guys like to relax at home…



All entries will be entered into a rafflecopter at the end of July to win the GRAND PRIZE– a Mia beach towel, Mia beach bag, Mia mug, Mia teddy and more Mia swag!!




I am writing and editing…

My current work in progress is a YA called His Way and it involves the challenge to accept oneself as a gay Christian.

Major edits are in store for Random Acts…plus Paul Richmond and I are working on a cover!!

Planning trips to NYC to move dancer daughter into SUNY PURCHASE Conservatory of Dance housing…


Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, MA to see dancer daughter perform in Dorrance Dance…


ADVENTURES with my son’s introduction to FOOTBALL…


and with daughter #3’s first job as a coffee server…


And daughter #1’s preparation for LSAT…




Stay tuned for MORE… you can always count on the fact that there will be more.


Love ya!!





Take Two!! “Take a Mia Book on Vacation” NOW IT’S EASIER TO WIN!!

Hey, everyone this Beckey (Mia’s assistant)…again… and I’m here to revamp the giveaways since the one is going strong while the other has kinda fizzled out like a flat soda pop on a hot day …

Now without Further Ado…. NEW RULES for an EASIER WAY for you get MIA KERICK goodies!




leighton 1 mia park leighton 2

mia beach hard rock hotel


PM me on FB (Beckey White) with your address after you post your picture and receive a mystery grab bag (that was put together by my sidekicks, I mean, two of my adorable daughters, Kiki and Sky).


(That’s Sky and Kiki debating and coming up with a swag plan…)

One Mystery Grab Bag per photo entry…(maximum three entries).


grand-prize grandprize-without-sky

Don’t forget to enter into the rafter for a chance to win THE GRAND PRIZE ABOVE!!

Contents of GRAND PRIZE: Mia Towel, Mia Beach Bag, Mia Mug, Teddy Kerick, more Mia swag, coffee

(Grand Prize is for US residents but the swag grab bags are open for everyone to get)


Grab Bags may or may not include one of the following:

Mia Kerick Bookmarks

Mia T-shirts

Notebooks with a cover art from one of Mia’s books

Hugs and Kisses from Mia Candy packets

Rainbow Lollipops

Mia Kerick Pencil with a sharpener

Mia Kerick Pens (with a stylist tip)

Key chains

A clue about what Mia is currently writing about (there is only 3 bags that have this)

Cover Artwork Image from one of Mia’s books

Promo Art Image (could be teaser image or some other art that was created by me, Beckey)

Stickers of Cover artwork from one of books

Beach balls

and a few other items that may not be listed above


So bring on the pictures– lets see…


PLEASE NOTE! Sky would like to get her train table back (that’s where the bags are being stored at the moment) so let’s start Taking Mia on Vacation- SNAP THOSE PHOTOS.

Thanks for this stopping by and reading this…

Oh and before I forget…Last night I was working on Mia’s website. You can now read the FIRST CHAPTER of EACH OF MIA KERICK’S BOOKS HERE… Oh wow, right? Tell me what do you think of that change?




Hey, everyone this Beckey (Mia’s assistant)…

Stopping in to say hey and give you TWO chances to get some goodies while Mia is deep in her writing cave with a TOP SECRET book that she is writing… (I know a few details and all I can say is this is going to be good one.)

(Beckey looks out the window towards Mia’s writing cave.)

Primitive on the outside, but this was her desk a few days ago when I checked on her…

Inside mia's writing cave

Like any assistant I try not to bother her and let her creativity flow when she’s inside the cave.


Would you like to get some GOODIES in the mail?

Well, we have several chance for you to receive a few swag items that have been cleverly disguised in surprise grab bags that my 12-year-old put together!



How? Well, that’s easy.

Read and create a NEW review of Mia’s books on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads then share the link here on Mia’s blog in this form that is below (Don’t forget to add your address so your swag grab bag can be mailed to you.):


THAT’S NOT THE ONLY giveaway for the summer that will be happening…

Summer is here and in full swing!


From now and through the entire month of July, take a picture of you with a Mia Kerick book on a vacation or a staycation then post the picture to this group:

A picture of you with each of Mia Kerick’s book(s) will be counted towards points on the Rafflecopter.

The grand prize is a custom Mia Kerick beach towel, beach bag, a Mia Kerick coffee mug with Folgers hazelnut coffee, and an assortment of swag items.

grand prize

Modeled by my adorable sidekick/toddler, Sky.

grandprize without sky ...

Here’s a shot without Sky, but she confiscated the pens, teddy bear, coffee mug and coffee… (Silly girl that she is…)

Pictures can be on a staycation while you read with (or to) your pet(s))…


to stretched out in your yard reading…

Reading the yard

to reading in bed…

in bed reading

to reading with your stuffies…

teddy and Us Three

to a vacation on the beach, relaxing in a hammock…


Or by the water …


Or even up on a mountain top…


(Mia comes out of her writing cave,)

Oh, there she is…

mia blue

Mia: Hi, there followers and guests … I’m just popping out of the cave for a cup of coffee and some fresh air. It smells like feet down there!

Beckey: Hey, do you have anything to add to my “takeover” post?

Mia: Why, yes I do, as a matter of fact.

Thank you to Paul Richmond for the new cover to The Red Sheet that matches better with the spirit of the book.

new cover


Beckey: Oh wow, Mia–that’s beautiful!

Mia: I agree. I love it and the response from my readers has been amazing.

Beckey: Well, guys and gals, ladies and gents, it’s time for me to say farewell. But before I go I must inform you that, due to rising shipping costs there is a limit on what countries items will be shipped to. The grand prize of the giveaway for the Take Mia on Vacation giveaway will only be sent within the United States. There will be other smaller prizes that can be won and will be sent to other locations (Sorry, everyone… Mia was shocked when she mailed a package to a faraway country and it came out $70 just to ship. A promised prized is a promise, and so it was mailed.)

I want to thank you for reading this. I hope to see you in the Take Mia on Vacation Facebook group with some great vacation/staycation pictures.






Yeah, I am truly honored by the fact that Michael Bowler asked me to write a foreword for his most recent addition to the EPIC Children of the Knight Series, Running Through a Dark Place. And guess what, my friends, and followers, I am going to tell you why.


1. Being asked to write a foreword, as I said above, is the HIGHEST OF HONORS. And I know for a fact that Michael Bowler loves and cherishes his Children of the Knight Series, and in particular, the characters he has so painstakingly created, as I cherish Beggars and Choosers’ Brett and Cory, The Red Sheet’s Bryan and Scott, Us Three’s Casey, Nate, and Zander, etc. As authors, we see the world through the eyes of these personalities, we live as them, we love them. We ARE them, to some extent. So, to be entrusted with the enormous responsibility to motivate readers to select Running Through a Dark Place as their reading choice, I feel as if I have been entrusted with this author’s most treasured of personal possessions: the products of his imagination.




I found this quotation somewhere along the research journey I took in my effort to write the best possible foreword for Running Through a Dark Place: “So, you’ve been asked to write a foreword to a book, hmm? To begin with, kudos and congratulations are in order. Forewords aren’t written by just anyone, you know. Generally, the only people who are asked to write such things are Those Who Matter.”

I will admit, reading this quotation from Muselnks Magazine suffused my entire being with warm and fuzzy feelings.


I matter. What I think as an author…well, it matters too.

People know my name. Maybe not a lot of people…(okay, and maybe they only know my pen name) but there is a sufficiently significant number of you out there who recognize the name Mia Kerick, who think pleasant and even positive thoughts when you hear that name, and your interest may even be piqued to read something that you know I wrote…or something I read and will testify to the fact that I enjoyed.cropped-kerickheaderv11.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.37.03 PM

3. Being asked to write a foreword is PUBLICITY for me!! NO EXPLANATION NEEDED!!


4. And beyond these wonderful reasons, is the fact that to write a foreword for a novel that so uplifted, intrigued, and informed me, provided an opportunity to solidify my beliefs on the subject of children’s rights in the United States. Writing this foreword offered me ample opportunity to examine my beliefs on the subjects of people’s potential for personal change and the need for second chances, as well as to modify my own efforts at personal growth. Writing this foreword reminded me not only that I matter, but that I can be better.



WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE IT IS… Mia Kerick, not writing in the mindset of an angsty young adult or even as an adult caught in the turmoil of personal challenges. Mia Kerick is writing as a…as…as Mia Kerick. The author…who matters.






“I wonder if what makes a family a family isn’t doing everything right all the time but, instead, giving a second chance to the people you love who do things wrong.”

~Jodi Picault



I’ve always been what you might call a black and white person. As such, in my novels, the good characters are very, very good. These characters start out good, and though they may falter, in general terms, they stay good, ultimately emerging from the novel even better than ever. In the same way, my bad characters are examples of pure evil. I have created them to serve a purpose: to foil the noble decency of the “good person.”

In that same manner have I long viewed the characters in my own life story. You are my friend or you are my enemy. You are with me or you are against me. With this frame of reference, negotiating my way through a crowd of friends and neighbors becomes quite simple, and easy, too. This one-dimensional, black and white, way of viewing those who surround me, requires less thinking, less analyzing, less patience and commitment, than if I had allowed myself to see the world in shades of gray.

Since meeting Michael Bowler, the author of Running Through a Dark Place, however, I have experienced profound personal change in this restricted area of my mind. Michael Bowler, a man whose very existence defines the term humanitarian, believes that human beings are fallible, and as such, they make mistakes. And thus, human beings are entitled to second chances in life. In particular, Bowler’s unwavering commitment to the need for a second chance pertains to children. As Bowler sees it, inherent to a child’s very nature is the entitlement to make mistakes, the right to “mess up” and to be allowed another shot. In other words, the very essence of childhood nullifies a requirement for perfection.

And I assure you, in Running Through a Dark Place, Bowler’s youthful characters—his colorful Knights of the Round Table—err quite frequently. They mess up, they pay a price, and then newly enlightened adults forgive them, so that they may return to the table to try again. These children, in fact, usually do much better the second time around. Echoes of the sentiment “no matter what transpires, you must never give up on him” resonate from the lips of adults who offer second, and even third chances. The children, themselves, also acknowledge their need for multiple opportunities to get things right. One character spells it out quite clearly, saying, “I’m just a kid…who needs to figure out who he is and what his place is in this crazy world. I messed up, I know that, and I’ll do my best not to mess up again. But if I do, stick with me.”

The notion of affording second chances, however, permeates the entirety of the novel, extending well beyond the youthful characters’ needs for redemption. In Running Through a Dark Place, adults need second chances in romantic love. The corrupt mayor requires a new chance to see the light, as well as the opportunity to change his ways. A world-weary mother needs a chance to reconsider her attitude and react properly. Even the crusade around which the novel’s action revolves—the struggle by King Arthur and the youthful Knights of the Round Table to secure equality for children in an adult’s world—requires a second chance, from an unknown source, to reinvent itself after a tragic event that threatens to derail it.

Closely tied to Bowler’s belief that human beings need and deserve second chances, is his firm commitment to the notion that people are actually capable of profound change. It is an optimistic view, and when I saw evidence of it at work in Book I of this series, Children of the Knight, where insensitive cops grew big hearts and teachers who expected little to nothing of their students again became impassioned, I was at first uncomfortable and skeptical. But soon I found in my heart a growing seed of hope. In addition, the capability to change applies to former gang members, worthless societal burdens in the eyes of many. “I never had no real choices,” one teenaged gang member said, “not till this man came along and showed me how to be good, how to be a man, how to make a difference for other people.” In Bowler’s eyes, if you possess a soul, you possess the necessary means to change. To see the light. To make good use of that second chance you have been so graciously granted.

By virtue of its very title, Running Through a Dark Place is a testament to change and second chances. The process of growing and changing and finding oneself can be dark and terrifying. It holds potential to make a human being feel as if he is scrambling—terrified and alone— through a dimly lit city street, in fear of his life. But Bowler understands that when you have successfully run through the dark place, having been given as many chances as you need to arrive at the light on the other side, you will acquire redemption. You will find what is right.

In conclusion, since familiarizing myself with Michael Bowler the author, as well as Michael Bowler, the person—the selfless volunteer, the man of faith, the committed friend, the unquestionable humanitarian—my world view has changed radically. Or rather, my view of my brothers and sisters, who are struggling to achieve their second chances and find the path to virtue right along beside me, has been forever altered. My mind has been opened to the possibility that, given the faith and the opportunity, even those I considered my enemies, can become my truest friends.

The novel Running Through a Dark Place has been instrumental in this profound change in me. In it I saw well-defined examples of people taking advantage of second chances. I saw tangible proof that people can change.

Through my connection with Michael Bowler, I have come to believe that today is my second chance to make my own personal change in how I live my life.

I will take this chance.

Mia Kerick

Young Adult Author

Intervention, Not Broken, Just Bent, The Red Sheet, Us Three

Gilford, NH


Mia with the Minions

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.37.03 PM







Updates … And Info

Hey, everyone… a few important things have happened this past week.



Intervention is a finalist for an Eric Hoffer award. (


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