Young Adult Fiction


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Touch a soul through music and lyrics with Kai in Intervention.

Test the strength of a childhood bond with Ben in Not Broken, Just Bent.

Be the change you wish to see in the world with Bryan in The Red Sheet.

Fall in love against all odds with Casey, Nate, and Zander in Us Three.

Gaze across the alley at a beautiful girl in the window with Justine in Come To My Window.

Explore the relationship between Christianity and sexual orientation with Anthony in Inclination.

Find love in-between the gender lines with Chance in Love Spell.

Adult Fiction



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Rise above a disadvantaged background with Brett in Beggars and Choosers.

Go to college with Cory and Brett in Unfinished Business.

Be part of a family of friends in A Package Deal.

Explore the dance world of New York City with Philippe in Out of Hiding.

Decide if life events are as random as you think with Bradley in Random Acts.

Make tough decisions with Casey, Zander, and Nate in Here Without You.

Relive the trauma of a theater shooting and discover the unbreakable emotional bond forged there in The Art of Hero Worship.

Meet two young men who have been scarred by the world, both physically and emotionally, and have escaped to find themselves in a tropical paradise in Scarred.

Revisit the children’s tale, Rapunzel, in the dark, LGBTQ New Adult, In A Gilded Cage.

Clean, where two high school boys try to escape from the pain of child abuse and neglect through the use of drugs and alcohol.

A short story about finding new beginnings, SOL: SHit Outta Luck.

Three 18-year-old high school seniors transcend from friends to lovers in the New Adult It Could Happen.

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