SOL: Shit Outta Luck


Beck Davidson has to make a quick decision about the frail young man whose unconscious body he nearly tripped over on the crosswalk in front of his apartment at two in the morning on his way home from work: Should he scrape the filthy, platinum blond “pretty boy” off the sidewalk, or leave him to whatever unfortunate, but natural, consequences that come his way?

As a loner with no one but Joe the Cat to keep him company, it goes against Beck’s very nature to pick the dude up off the street and carry him upstairs to the safety of his very private home, but he does it. Just because Beck chooses to live an isolated and regimented existence, doesn’t mean he’s heartless.

Griffin Detoni’s life defines the expression SOL: shit outta luck. A very bad decision leads to an iron-shaped burn on his extreme lower back and an unlikely male nursemaid… with a very curious cat.

Can Griffin’s bad luck turn into Beck’s good fortune?

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